The 6 Worst Ways To React To Someone Coming Out To You

Dear Straight People,

When someone from the LGBT community comes out to you, any reaction you display will be better than the following 6 reactions!

1. Violence

Source: reddit
Source: reddit

Violence is never a solution so don’t even think of trying to hit the homosexuality out of your friend!

2. Shutting them up


Yes, ignorance is bliss, but not in this case. Trying to shut them up is not going to stop them from making their confession!

3. Disbelief


As shocking as it may seem, I am sure they are clearer about their own sexuality than you are. So try to get it!

4. Insulting them


Homophobia is never cool so please do not call them any derogatory terms.

5. Being indifferent

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Even if you really don’t care, for the sake of your friend, try to at least pretend to care.

6. Being disgusted


Saying ‘Ew’ at someone is never appropriate under any circumstances.

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