10 Pictures Of Hot Men With Severe Neck Problems To Distract You From Your Problems

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Dear Straight People,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but hot men seem particularly prone to sustaining neck injuries, especially when they are in a state of undress!

I haven’t quite figured out why hot men are always supporting their necks while snapping a picture. Maybe it’s because taking selfies is tiring business. But I don’t know, this is one #HotManProblem I won’t be figuring out anytime soon.

Regardless of what is causing their neck discomfort, I for one am certainly not complaining. Here are 10 pictures of hot men with severe neck problems to distract you from your problems!

1. @a1physiques: Eurasian Personal Trainer From Australia Based In Singapore

2. @dwayne.yawned: Openly gay Singaporean who dared to come out publicly


3. @Jeremysry: American Fitness Coach Who Has His Own YouTube Channel!

4. @josh_taiwan: Aspiring Taiwanese actor based in America who likes to sing

5. @calaestheticsly: Manhunt Singapore Finalist In 2015Calesthic

6. @ysl_one: Asian based in UK with a penchant for taking really nice ootds


7. @buffaloswoledier: Personal trainer with strong bulge game

8. @popeye_theknow: Thai guy based in Bangkok who showers a lot

9. @juanma_izquierdofit: Spanish hunk who likes the beach a lot

10. @onakeejdc: Filipino personal trainer and fitness model who’s unfortunately straight

If that didn’t distract you from your problems, I don’t know what will.

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