10 Struggles Of Gay Asian Men


Dear Gay People,

If you are gay and Asian, then you’ll probably be able to identify with the following 10 struggles of every gay Asian male.

1. Your parents are always pressuring you to get a girlfriend


2. But if your parents know that you’re gay, they just pretend that they don’t

Source: sabrinamomandwife.tumblr.com
Source: sabrinamomandwife.tumblr.com

3. If your relatives know that you’re gay, they no longer ask you about your personal life

I don't care

4. Every white boy always assumes that you’re a bottom

Source: HBO

5. The white boys sometimes get you mixed up with the other Asians that he is hitting on

Source: mrwgifs.com
Source: mrwgifs.com

6. If you live in a white country, you kind of get used to all the racism on Grindr arising from all the profiles that state ‘No Asians’

Whatever I am getting cheese fries

7. You feel guilty for getting red packets every single year… Or maybe not

Source: gifsofsam.tumblr.com
Source: gifsofsam.tumblr.com

8.White boys won’t like you if you get too buff

Source: www.tumblr.com

9. You are probably going to end up staying with your parents for life

Source: sadmoviequotes.tumblr.com
Source: sadmoviequotes.tumblr.com

10. You don’t have much gay Asian role models to look up to

Source: @ricky_martin via Instagram

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