Confession: I Am Straight… But I Regularly Have Sex With Other Men

A straight man who regularly has sex with other men explains why having gay sex doesn’t make one gay.



Dear Straight People,

Although I frequently have sex with other men, I would consider myself straight. Before the rainbow flag waving gay activists start denouncing me as a closeted gay man who is in denial, please hear me out first before you jump to that superficial conclusion.

First and foremost, I’m a 26-year old man who really likes women. I’ve had 3 ex-girlfriends before, all of whom I’ve been incredibly physically and emotionally attracted to. But as much as I enjoy the company of the opposite sex, I also don’t mind getting off with other men.

My First Gay Experience

The first time I ever had sex with another guy was when I was 15.

I went to an all-boys secondary school and as you can imagine, we were all perpetually horny. My clique and I used to watch porn together after school. We would head to *Alex’s house and 4 or 5 of us would crowd around the computer to watch porn together.

Looking back, it was pretty lame. We never jerked off or anything. We would just crowd around the computer and pass comments while the porn was playing. There was nothing homosexual about the experience. It was very much like a bunch of dudes watching soccer together.

But one time after school, it was just Alex and me chilling at his place. We got bored with doing homework and I suggested we watch some porn instead as a break. While the porn was playing, Alex started rubbing his erection through his pants which was something none of us ever did before. I was slightly surprised but I didn’t make much of a fuss. I too started rubbing my hard-on.

I got so horny I decided to take out my erection from my pants and start masturbating in the open. That definitely caught Alex’s attention and while he had this incredibly shocked expression on his face at first, he didn’t say anything and after a while, he started wanking in the open too. I’m not sure what made me do it but I was the one who suggested we jerk each other off. One thing led to another and soon, we were 69-ing each other.

It was an incredibly surreal experience.  Afterwards, neither of us talked about it or did anything remotely sexual with one another after that. It was a one-time experience and that was that.

Having Sex With Other Men


It wasn’t until 7 years later that I had my next homosexual experience.

I had just gotten out of a relationship with my second ex-girlfriend. We were together for almost a year and during that period, we were going at it like bunnies. At least twice a week. When the relationship ended, I suddenly had no one to relieve me of my sexual desires anymore.

I was going through a 4-month long dry spell when it just randomly hit me to get off with another man to cure my blue balls. I downloaded Grindr and before I knew it, this random gay stranger was blowing me at his house.

I was amazed at how easy it was for gay men to get laid so every time I got horny, I would hook up with someone on Grindr. Over time, I started experimenting with anal sex as well (I always topped) but most of the time, I mostly preferred to be at the receiving end of a blowjob.

Having Gay Sex Doesn’t Define Me


I would be lying if I said I’ve never questioned my sexuality before. But after a lot of self-reflection, I identify myself as a heterosexual man.

The main reason why I don’t consider myself gay or bi is because I have zero emotional attraction to other men. I’ve never had a crush on another dude before. Nor have I ever even developed the slightest bit of romantic feelings for another guy.

In terms of physical attraction to other men, I’m pretty limited in that area too. I don’t check out other guys. And even if I find a dude really good-looking, I don’t start drooling over him. I will just think to myself ‘This guy is handsome‘ and that’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As to why I have sex with other men, the reason is simple. It’s a lot easier to get laid with men than it is to score with women. With women, you have to wine and dine them. With men, it’s a lot more convenient. And that’s all there is to it. Convenience.

I Am Not A Closet Homophobe

The reason why I decided to pen down this confession is because I recently read the enlightening views of Indulekshmi Rajeswari. In her coming out story, she writes:

The modern understanding is actually that sexuality falls on to more of a three-dimensional graph, with axes of physical attraction, emotional attraction and gender.

It is possible to have a complicated sexuality in which you may be attracted physically to one gender but not emotionally, or vice versa.

I could never really articulate my reasoning into words. But Indu’s views completely captures how I feel about sexuality. Having gay sex doesn’t make one gay. Just like how cooking doesn’t make one a chef.

For a community who often demands that other people respect their sexuality, it’s very ironic that they are unable to do the same. Whenever I tell my gay sex buddies I am straight, they always smirk and talk as if they know me better than I know myself.

I am in no way a homophobe. Nor do I have any issues with my sexuality. Yes, there are some men who are so closeted they are unable to acknowledge their homosexuality. But I’m not one of them. I’m not in any way religious and I would totally be fine with myself if I was indeed gay or bi.

But the thing is that I am straight and gay people need to start respecting that. I’m pretty sick of gay men assuming that having sex with other men automatically makes them gay or bi.

Having gay sex doesn’t define my sexuality.

*Names have been changed.

Edits to parts of the submission not affecting the story have been made.

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75 comments on “Confession: I Am Straight… But I Regularly Have Sex With Other Men”

  1. Fuck the category’s. Gender and sexually is what we make it. It’s all because of this heteronormative world. But thank got it is changing. Nice and important story to tell! 👍

    1. I am a straight guy married ,, but now only interested in having sex with cute face crossdtessors, neck down all male love to suck cock drain cum and get ass fucked also love oiling up and rubbing cocks until we cum all over… also love to lick ass… am I gay?

    2. I dont feel that sex with men makes anyone gay or bi unless attraction/ and or willingness to be in relationships apply. It’s sad that this world is so twisted on this. I personally prefer trans because I am not attracted to men at all but I really like dick occasionally but am now not active due to a serious relationship with someone who would not allow it. Not worth losing her over a few hot seconds.

  2. It’s okay to be Bi too…
    It’s okay to flux along the spectrum…?

    Why so fussed about a “gay” or “bi” label, if labels don’t apply…?

    Like, “I write with my left hand sometimes but DO NOT CALL ME AMBIDEXTROUS I’M RIGHT HANDED 😑☝️”. Does it matter either way?

    Interesting piece, hope this guy is okay in the long run though, seems a few unresolved issues there.

  3. Hey i am almost exactly similar…
    26 here too… also straight but have fun with guys just that mine is mostly oral..

    Dont know how to get in contact to chat… if you ok to chat more, send me an email at

    1. If you’re having sex with men, you’re NOT straight either. If you’re straight, then Caitlyn Jenner is a real woman and I am Kim Kardashian lmao

      1. Lol, thank you so much. I get so bored with reading/hearing this sort of thing(this sort of thing makes me roll my eyes). No… you are NOT straight. Straight guys don’t want to touch other men. Get over it.

      2. SO by that logic I can turn from gay to bi by having sex with a few chicks? don’t think so. I’m gay and completely understand and know exactly what straight guys who have occasional sexual experiences with other guys are speaking of. theyre not gay or bi. theyre straight and enjoy sexual activity.

      3. I’m going to disagree with you on this. I’m gay, always was, always will be, happily in a LTR leading to marriage. I was always out, but not particularly feminine. The majority of men who were interested through the years – were not gay, and I do not think bi. I had a long term relationship with a guy who I thought was gay, but was actually bi – and it became very obvious over time straight. He actually was in love with me and we are still friends – but the sexual part was more his desire to please me than anything else. HIs children now call me Papa. We haven’t had sex in 15 years. My beloved now, after a long wait (I never did the promiscuous thing and actually lost friends because I declined them and they were then embarrassed they had offered) is a young man, who knows himself well and is marginally bisexual (he is most interested in older men – lucky for me – but can imagine being able to be with a female, even though it holds no interest for him. I cannot imagine wanting to be with a female so…) he is very happy with me and me with him – The reality though is that if all the men who have, over the decades, offered, asked or even just pulled it out are bisexual or gay, then the Kinsey scale is a bell curve, and all the assumptions of majorities of straight men are full of it – and the overwhelming majority are neither gay nor straight. I find that unlikely.

  4. I am straight, and wnjoy receiving anal thanks to enjoying pegging and cuckolding play since my high school GF. She loved sex, and she loved making several guys get off together. I didnt mind it frankly turned me on. I actually prefer sloppy seconds with a woman. I also enjoyed kissing and going down on her after our daily gangbang. She was on BC, and all the guys only olayed wirh her. She soon started snowballing me with their cum, i enjoyed the taste of it. She soon made me blow them, and started using toys on my butt shortly after. I enjoyed it. She kept using larger and larger toys, then actual penis shaped ones, which felt amazing. Then the daily sex turned into her pegging me, while i blew a guy, and she blew one, and one was doing her. Eventually she had one guy do me, and omg it was amazing. I ejaculated with my penis as flacid as it ever had been, and it was never touched. I was having a full body orgasm. So then her and i would be getting penetrated and blowing together. And once they all orgasmed 2 or 3 times, her and i would do it.

    Funny part, 0 atteaction to men. But i do need to take a dick very regularly.

    I also have dated a TS lady who did porn and was an escort. She was HUNG. Other women i have dated prior to the TS would peg me and fist me a couple times a week. I love big rhings going in and out of my booty hard and fast.

    The TS and her boyfriend, equally well hung, used me as a submissive sex slave. They worked me up to extreme penetration, and would DP me nightly once we stopped using condoms after sts tests came back all clear.

    Also before the TS, in the military, my roommate, saw my tabboo porn, and almost forced himself on me, but i get totally in the mood when a guy basically whips it out and pulls my head to his package, or pushes me over the arm of a couch and pulls my pants down. I dont like men touching my penis, and i prefer to orgasm only from anal with guys. TS ladies, i love because i am ok with everything, loved kissing the TS.

    For now, i have a monthly 3 hour visit with two awesome perfect TS gals, and have been for several years. All tested std free, and they cum inside me, many times each time. Also working on finding a guy to dominate and use me for his sexual desires. I will go to those TS escorts monthly, heck would love to date and marry either one, and even help them fulfil some clients fetishes and kinks. I have already gotten freebies with them when another of their regular guys wanted to dominate a man. Did that for free, and yeah.

    I will say, while time with the TS ladies is very fulfilling, there is something about having a hung strong horny guy and the way they fuck my ass, and the total domination aspect. Sure i do turn into quite the nympho and with my roomie would initiate just as often after a few weeks, and i also pride myself on being able to please a man sexually, even when i have no attraction towards men, and despise kissinf or having my penis touched by men. I rather enjoy being sexually degraded, emasculated, humiliated, and treated like i am a total slutty whore who does any and everything a dominantan wants. I will admit, i like being groped, grabbed, when a guy pulls his dick out and waves it at me, all that sort of stuff turns me on, and makes me want to suck them then get pounded hard and fast. I also have been lucky enough to enjoy mostly large cocks.

    I so need to have a man who wants to pound my ass twice a day 5 days a week. Even better would be two guys who are hung, masculine, and safe and disease free, who wanted to DP me daily.

    I also love being watched, photographed, and recorded when i am taking a dick, but unless a woman had a few loads pumped into her, and i am going down and cleaning up a bit before sliding jnto her worn out ultra slick hole, that i only stay hard because i can feel the cum and look forward to her cleaning it off and snowballing, so then a guy uses my ass, i could care less. I do want to be gangbanged and have that recorded. I enjoy being treated like a sexual object, and wish i could literally do nothing all day but pleasure 8 TS ladies, and half a dozen men, all hung and with high sex drives, because i once had my roomie and two of his friends run a train on me for over 8 hours and even when i took a short break to drik water, i still was being used, just slower, and i wanted more. I also would love to volunteer to do some hardcore gangbangs with as many 9+” hung TS ladies who are std free, and get pumped full by them as many times as each TS could do. I would love to be that guy, who had nearly 200 or more TS ladies gangbang and creampie him, some going multiple times. A nice thick penis shooting a decent load or more balls deep and i ejaculate instantly. Same with two such penises DPing me. Had the 2 TS ladies cum at the same time… omg i want that all day every day now cant wait till next thursday, when my two TS ladies and i are having 6 hours together, and one of their regulars wanted to gang up on a guy, so for 2 hours will have that, then gonna meet up with a guy, still filled with all the cum from being ganged by 3, and let him fuck my already very well and heavily used jizzed up ass. Cant wait to suck his cock after he fucks me. I always suck a cock after it is in my ass

  5. I am a gay man I don’t get turned on by women but I do have the mind set that sex is sex and if I guy is sucking your knob you will get hard and enjoy it . However we all have this social block in our heads saying it’s wrong and disgusting if you can over come that you will enjoy sex more

    1. I recently stated sucking dick and enjoy the feeling of a soft dick in my mouth as it gets hard…. I also enjoy the feeling of his comes in mouth as I swallow it… have licked my best friends ass… as I jacked him… even but my tongue in his ass he went nuts and his come was everywhere….. wanting to try bottom but haven’t yet!

    2. I totally agree with you. I don’t like using labels. I am very comfortable with my sexuality n enjoy sex with men as often as I can. Since I gave into my curiosity I have had sex with more men than women.

      1. I’m pretty much the same. I’ve had sex with dozens of women over the years, but since I started having sex with men, I’ve been fucked by more guys than the number of women I’ve had. I’m retired now, and have the spare time, so I have some regulars I suck off weekly, and three of them usually fuck me once or twice each week. I really enjoy it, and wish I would have started when I was much younger.

  6. “Although I frequently have sex with other men, I would consider myself straight.”

    Yeah right, and even though I work at Jack n’ the box and make minimum wage, I still consider myself a millionaire lol…

    “Before the rainbow flag waving gay activists start denouncing me as a closeted gay man who is in denial, please hear me out first before you jump to that superficial conclusion”

    Superficial conclusion? Is that how you refer to the truth. Girl, stop lying to yourself!. You have sex with men because you like it, no straight man would one, be turned on by another, two, engage in homosexual activities with other men, and three, like it. And it is because of that reason, as well as the other two I just mentioned, why you’re NOT straight. The fact of the matter is — any self identified “heterosexual” male who is willing to gay it out with another male — he is just simply open to his homosexuality but refuses to acknowledge it. That’s the problem you have. You’re no different from these type of closet gay men who claim to be straight; not gay or bi because they’re attracted to women and not men, but then contradict themselves by engaging in gay sex with men. Homo please, save your excuses for your coming out party. Because it’s a lie that has been used and abused way too many times. You think you’re the only queen that admitted he likes women? You think you’re the only queen that had girlfriends in the past? You think you’re the only queen that used women as an underlying to your homosexual identity? You think you’re the only queen who says one thing but then your actions contradicts your rhetoric? There are many closet queens like yourself who mess around with other gay men and transgender women. There are many closet queens like yourself who have had girlfriends/wives but then engage in gay sex. There are many closet queens like yourself who who lie to themselves and to other people. And there are many closet queens like yourself who do the same hypocritical thing you’re doing. Would you also think these men are straight as well? My thing is if a homo tells you he’s straight but had sex with other men in the past or is in the gay porn business, fuck what you hear because actions speaks louder than words. ‘Cause what you are doing is a contradiction to what you claim you are. Closets are for clothes, pop the lock on the door and GTFO

    1. “As to why I have sex with other men, the reason is simple. It’s a lot easier to get laid with men than it is to score with women.”

      So to back up what you’re saying if it’s all about getting off and not about preference, you would totally be open to having sex with animals — like say your pet dog or say a willing relative — if the opportunity presented itself to you despite your own sexual preference? Because if sexual preference doesn’t determine who you have sex with, then by that logic you’re also saying that you would be willing and open to anything sexually perverted you wouldn’t be attracted to, because human sexuality is so malleable that all it takes is anyone to touch us in a way that it can trigger us to do things we normally wouldn’t be sexually into. Laws of Logic. But if you can’t back it up then I suggest you stop with the excuses and STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, YOU CLOSET-QUEEN!.

      1. “I could never really articulate my reasoning into words.”

        That’s because your reasoning skills is at a retard level.

        “Having gay sex doesn’t make one gay”

        It doesn’t make you STRAIGHT!

      2. “For a community who often demands that other people respect their sexuality, it’s very ironic that they are unable to do the same.”

        No, gay people want queens like you to accept the fact that you’re gay/bi; what they don’t respect are delusional homosexuals like yourself who pretend to be something you aren’t. Would you call a tranny or a drag queen a real woman and respect them as that? If not, then don’t bitch when a gay man calls you what you truly are; GAY

      3. “Whenever I tell my gay sex buddies I am straight, they always smirk and talk as if they know me better than I know myself.”

        That’s because they’re not stupid, or in denial.

      4. “I am in no way a homophobe nor do I have any issues with my sexuality.”

        You said you don’t like men but have sex with men anyways, that screams identity crisis. #HomoYouGay

      5. “Yes, there are some men who are so closeted they are unable to acknowledge their homosexuality. But I’m not one of them.”

        Bwahahahaha oh the irony. Not only do you lack intelligence, but you also lack self-awareness. How can you bitch about gay people not respecting you for what you want them to believe what you think you are when, when you turn around and call guys like you closeted? You’re a fake ass hypocrite. 

      6. “I’m not in any way religious and I would totally be fine with myself if I was indeed gay or bi.”

        You don’t have to be religious to deny what you are, case in point YOU!

        “But the thing is that I am straight and gay people need to start respecting that”

        Yeah right, and Caitlyn Jenner is a REAL WOMAN and I am a millionaire so respect that lmao

      7. “I’m pretty sick of gay men assuming that having sex with other men automatically makes them gay or bi”

        The truth is a hard pill to swallow. Girl, YOU GAY!!!!

      8. I am reading this thread and can’t believe how bigoted and narrow minded the LGBT is.
        I am straight hustled during AIDS crisis and watched other straight hustlers sell anal sex and shoot drugs and they did so because they couldn’t handle what they were doing. They died .it also screwed me up and I blew up twice with two women I loved and went to jail for domestic violence. Now thirty three years after hustling I am 53 on disability for PTSD and after twelve years celibacy after dumping female FWB I mistakenly thought because I hustled I was Bisexual by activity not desire. Warned two and a half years ago that I had major deppression and that twelve years celibate was mental health crisis and suicide or homicide would be normal outcome. I tried at time in downtown SRO hotel in SF to bring eight different women in eight different days but hotel required California State ID so I went to adult bookstore and had same sex meaningless encounters now I am a bareback bottom on PReP and not attracted to men physically or emotionally and I don’t get into bestiality or anything perverted and I only orgasm thinking about a woman or viiewing women in porn in gloryhole booths were I have meaningless same sex encounters. I have no skills to date I have thirty years collecting fixed poverty income
        I also am not interested in God hating whores who are unapologetic cheaters and satanic witches which make up most women in SF. They say Patriarchy needs to be over thrown and I am straight not Bisexual, Not Gay and sick of the bigotry and stupidity of dishonest men that are attracted to men physically and emotionally I am not one of you I know who and what I am and I think it’s time to call for bloodshed if this intolerance and hatred continues from those demanding tolerance that don’t have any back.

    2. Emmary jean. You dont know what you are talking about. I am straight as can be. Girls turn me on and I would have sex with any decent looking girl every day. Guys gross me out. I have never ever been turned on by a guy. BUT…I fantasize about having a penis in me. I havent done that yet, but I do use lots of toys anally. I love, LOVE, anal sex done on me. I am turned on by penises, but not the guy attached to it. I think I would like to try a shemale because then I get the penis down below but the girl up above. Apparently your mind is so closed you can’t accept what others are trying to tell you when it goes against your preconceived ideas!

      1. No dumb ass, YOU obviously, You dont know what you are talking about. Homo, if guys gross you out then why the fuck would you be turned on by a penis for, stupid? That doesn’t make sense and if something doesn’t make sense, it ain’t the truth. Because it sounds stupid as fuck when you say I don’t I don’t like men but penis turns me on. You’re into penis, STUPID. Women don’t have penises, males do. Closets are for clothes, pop the lock on the door and GTFO

      2. “Apparently your mind is so closed you can’t accept what others are trying to tell you when it goes against your preconceived ideas!”

        I’d have to be delusional like you are to see things from your ridiculous point of view Al. So you’re right, my mind is closed — from stupid things that don’t make any sense “I don’t like guys but I do like penises” stupidess thing I ever read — along with your other comments. Don’t explain stupid to me.

    3. or 21 years now I’ve fought for the right
      For people to love just whoever they like
      But the right-on and righteous are out for my blood
      Now I live with my kid and a woman I love
      Well if gay liberation means freedom for all
      A label is no liberation at all
      I’m here and I’m queer and I do what I do
      And I’m not gonna wear a ‘straight’ jacket for you

  7. Emmary Jean, shut your flaming and obsessive *** up! How many times are you going to comment? Just because you identify as gay, clearly, doesn’t mean every other man who has physical interactions with men is also. You are beyond annoying and calling another dude a girl is disgusting. Shut up. Save that for your flaming gay friends.

    1. “shut your flaming and obsessive *** up! How many times are you going to comment?”

      As much as I want to faggot. Why are you obsessing over my comments for? If you don’t like it let me know so I can repeat again and again, until you wise your flaming, retarded ass up.

      “Just because you identify as gay, clearly, doesn’t mean every other man who has physical interactions with men is also.”

      How would you know what I am when your stupid ass cannot tell the difference between gay and straight? Clearly, you’re not as bright as you like to think you are. Smarten up!

      “You are beyond annoying and calling another dude a girl is disgusting”

      First of all GIRL, there is nothing more disgusting than you and another faggot bumping uglies, secondly, nobody told your dumb ass to read it, and finally, that faggot ain’t no man and neither are you. So save your bullshit for coming out party and STFU LADY

  8. Hi James here, I’m in a relationship with a sexual addiction female and having serious problems.. AFTER being RAPED, GANGBANGED by MANY, MANY MEN about 8 MONTHS ago.. she is NOW closed OUT and not talking
    Or communication much about ANY, anything and NOW Drinking, Drugging
    And just staying in the Bed, bedroom ALL day and night.. and going back again and again TOO adventures and experiences and TOO the Hospital staying for weeks, SHE been in the Hospital 1or2 times for over one YEAR now, ALL” 12 MONTHS plus MORE..
    SHE comes HOME and back to the Drinking laiding in bed but NAKED
    VERY VERY Depressed, sad in Pain..
    Can somebody HELP ME with this problem… i don’t know what to think or DO.. SHE’S very anxious and afraid
    Leaving HER type FEELINGS..
    Please HELP ME asap..Thanks, js.

  9. Please Email ME.. i don’t know to DO..
    About my SEX ADDICTED female with serious sexual problems.. SHE CAN’T STOP wanting, needing, CALLING for sex NOW.. after being RAPED being RAPED and gangbanged by MANY MANY MEN.. can somebody please HELP ME HERE.. thanks, js.

    1. She needs mental health counseling and ASAP. She has experience a trauma and is trying to find a dysfunctional way to fill that emotional and psychological void.

  10. I am straight, and through a friend with benefits who was this hot awesomely kinky and slutty chick named Karma, was turned onto anal play then pegging, and eventually some of the times she would be taking several guys at once, she made it more and more cuckoldy in attitude. I love sluts and will only be with a woman who enjoys having two or more men at once as often as feasible, and who has sex with other men, and enjoys beong gangbanged. I didnt mind kissing her as she blows a guy, or when she had cum all over her face. I would lick and suck on her perfect breasts even as a guy blows a load on them. I love going down on a woman after another man creams her up good, and right before i slide in. I enjoy 3 different ladies almost daily, and they all enjoy tasting jizz ans another woman when they go down on me.

    This amazong slut friend kept telling me how while fun, dildos never will feel as great as a real penis the same size, and since i absolutely loved being pegged with big dongs, she wanted to see how much i wouod enjoy taking the real deal. She set it up, and talk about mind blowing. I orgasmed like nothing o experienced before, ejaculated without my penis doing anything more than flopping around as small and flacid as it ever had gotten. She was right, the real thing felt amazing. So she started having the guy come over daily, she enjoyed watching man on man action. Now, i have 0 attraction to men, i also have had a 18 month relstionship with a Transsexual adult entertainer with a large penis and her live in boyfriend who also did bi and gay adult videos. That was the only penis i would gladly and eagerly pleasure, and did not need to be dominated.

    I have 0 romantic interesr, sexual attraction towards men. Heck, it kills my mood if a man touches my penis like he wants it. I also enjoy pleasuring men most when a woman is present and taking part, and watching and enjoying it. I even spent 2 years in the military with 2 other roommates who figured out thanks to my one slutty friend with benefits, that they could use me as their 24/7 on call slut, if they dominate me physically and sexually, and i would get off doing so.

    Now, i am married to a slut, who almost every evening has these two awesome guys we have known for years, and they take their huge black cocks and go to town on her, dropping several loads in every hole, sometimes while her and i 69, and last night both pulled out and stuck it in my mouth as they came. They also 3 times a week, dominate me, double penetrating me most times. My slutty wife loves making me suck them, but she doesnt like how intense i orgasm from them fucking me, but she knows every other day i spend 4 hours sucking them and getting gaped out big enough for her to double fist me. She knows i am not gay, just very anal responsive and that the real deal is multitudes betrer than the best dongs and dildos she could ever use on me, and that getting fucked by a man will always be better as far as rythym and force of thrusts, and the whole shooting cum deep inside thing that strap ons just can never compete with. Her solution to the quagmire was her and i share the same men, for each of our needs, separately.

    So yeah, one can be straight and have sex with men, even as a bottom.

  11. iam happy with your discriptions iam so glad with those who participated in this site. IAM not understand what is LGBT, FAQ ,PINK DOLLARS ORGANIC SHARES WHAT INVESTMENT EXPLAIN ME THANK YOU.

  12. Guys or girls who have sex with men and women are bisexual, not straight, That’s the definition of being bi. I don’t know what problem men have with the b word, but seriously, you have to sort that shit out. Being bi doesn’t make you less masculine or less of a man, just makes you bi. It’s okay.

    1. But we are not really bi either. We dont identify as that. Why is it so hard for people to accept this? Today we want to accept everything but this. I have no real desire towards men other than their penis. I love anal sex, I love this up me. If I could I would find a girl that has a penis. I am sexually attracted to girls, and especially their vaginas, but I still love anal sex. Shemales are great because they present as girls but have a penis. Unfortunately I live in a place where there are none.

      1. Al, you’re nothing but an in denial, confused, self-hating QUEEN with identity issues. Stop explaining stupid to us because we’re not dumb like you are. Closets are for clothes, pop the lock on the door and GTFO

      2. Dear Emmary Jean iam recd.your post i read thank you very i want the matter in hindi language if possible. thanks

  13. Guys or girls who have sex with both men and women are bisexual, I mean, that’s the very definition of the word. I don’t know what problem most of you boys have with the “b” word, but seriously you have to sort this shit out. Admitting you are bi will not make you less of a man or less masculine, it just makes you bi. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    1. Iam not understand some words pl.convey their comments in Telugu or hindi.lam so horney hear like these comments thank you very much

    2. Hell, i dont care what others want to label me. I suck cock, swallow cum, a lot of it from women, and i only enjoy the lady friend my fiance and i share after her 3 black FWBs cum in her as i watch and lick their balls, and creampies, and sometimes they enjoy calling me a little sissy faggot slut, and shove their cocks in me… feels so amazing. My fiance has a penis over 10 inches long, and as thick as a 16 oz redbull roughly, and very meaty but lumpy, huge head, and her balls, massive. She is turning me into her wife, start HRT when she starts sneaking it into drinks and food of mine per my request. I will have a boob job in 6 months, my waist down are already like most women dream of, and i want my penis left, but balls removed, so i will have a super tiny penis a year after my balls go, talking maybe 2″ max. I havent orgasmed from penile stimulation in over a year and a half. I dress as a woman 90% of the time, and by that, always easy access to my booty. Only time i wear pants they are form fitting super tight, so tight, they leave nothing to the imagination, you can even see my booty hole if i spread the cheeks tight. Tucking makes me look like i have a nice camel toe. I only wear panties if it is all i am wearing, in my 3.5″ micro mini sheer skirt i wear a garter belt and stockings, no panties.

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      I wouldnt say i am bi, i have no attraction to men, but cocks are awesome.

      1. Gonna get about 2 dozen good videos, and a couple hundred photos of me sucking and being pounded by such cocks, and creating a pornhub verified amateur account and posting them there. Have a few already, but want to have at least 6 different cocks in the videos and photos

  14. I am very sexually submissive, and enjoy very sexually dominant women. I especially enjoy women who are not afraid to admit they like multiple men at once, and enjoy men with huge packages, and love watching such women enjoy many men befoee i get to enjoy them. I love how their mouth and other holes taste after other men have came there, and have enjoyed beong snowballed and eating creampies from multiple men at once.

    Had one such GF who loved having me lick her clit while 3 other guys took turns. She told me if i lick his balls she would blow me while i did it, because the thought of it turned her on. The guys did not mind, as long as it felt good they did it. I am not atttacted to men, but having a woman telling me to suck a guys balls was himiliating, and i was turned on by that. She later told him to let me taste her on his cock, and as he pulled out i opened wide and started to suck it. I loved the fact my gf was turned on watching me suck her boy toys huge penis, and i loved how she came harder for him and enjoyed sex with his larger penis. So there i am, with his penis in my mouth as he thrusts slowly in and out, making me gag. My GF told me to relax my throat, and lick the head side to side. I followed her directions, and a few minutes later he was ejaculating deep in my mouth, and i enjoyed my gfs enjoyment, as well as a feeling of pride, as i swallowed his cum. From there, it expanded into my sucking her boy toys as they took turns with her, to her watching me give them head and wanting to see my face jizzed all over. Then we would suck guys together, and eventually she wanted me to experience more than her strap on in my booty. She also made fun of my having a nice big round firm ass every woman dreamed of having, and how feminine it looked when i was bent over. So she made me wear panties, and take two of her boy toys, and i loved it, her masturbating as i was spit roasted. From the moment one guy stepped around me, grabbed my hips, and remarked how my ass is amazing, but should be on a womans body. He decided he was gonna me Trisha. He smacked and rubbed and fondled my ass. As he told me how much of a slutty girl i was being, and asked me if i wanted his big dick in my ass. I was very turned on, like nothing i experienced before. Then i felt his penis between my cheeks, even more turned on. Once i felt hom slide it back till the head ws over my booty hole, i was moaning like woman, begging for him to enter my ass, telling him to pound my slutty ass, make me his little whore. My GF came hard as i ever seen her. She loved how much i had come to enjot pleasuring men. She then went outside to smoke some pot, i was so caught up enjoying the two guys , i failed to notice. I had multiple full body orgasms, and ejaculated without any stimulation to my penis, and it being as flacid and small as i had ever been. I loved how my package almost disappeared, and as yet another orgasm hit, as my eyes rolled back, i wished i really was a woman, because this was the most pleasurable and sexually fulfilling experience ever.

    Now i am attracted only to the feminine form, and have dated a tall sexy trans lady who had a nearly forearm sized package, and was 8 inches taller than me. Knew her for months before i discovered she was not only sexy and gorgeous, but also hung like a donkey, and enjoyed submissive men, and dominating them. We hung out for new years, and after lots of booze, she had to tinkle. When i heard what sounded like a man peeing, i walked to the rest room to see her standing, holding her flacid but still as big as mine erect penis, and she saw me and asked me what my issue was, amd i told her wanted to make sure she was ok, and that i now see she is not only great, but the perfect woman. She asked me if i ever had been with a trans woman, which at that point i had not. I told her i thought she was the sexiest woman i had ever met, and thinking a out her has long atoused me. 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  15. I live in northern Thailand and have been dating ladyboys for over four years. I’m mostly bottom, I top a few times, but only with one ladyboy, who loves cock as much as I do. It’s totally accepted here, so I have zero problem being seen with any of my sexy dates, none of which are pros, by the way, they all have real jobs and are great people..
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    I’ve never looked back, sure I still look at chicks but know now they can never please me like a ladyboy and I can never please a woman like I can satisfy a ladyboy, either with my mouth or my ass..

  16. J am straight, into various kinks and fetishes. Most of my sexual expeeiences with women i tend to be the dominant partner. I have had a few women who enjoyed being the dominant partner, and they have enjoyed pegging me and giving me anal stimulation. I have had a couple women who told me they wanted me to experience things from their perspective, and sexually humiliate me. They both wanted me to basically come over and walk in on them having sex with other men, and then peg me, and eventually have the other guy have sex with me. I told them i was down to trying it. I enjoyed the feeling and sensation of how a real penis felt inside me. I also enjoyed the taste of a real penis in my mouth, and swallowing. I enjoyed it for the physical sensation, as well as the humiliating aspect, and the kinky aspect of being an obedient submissive. I enjoyed having a gorgeous sexy freaky kinky woman telling me to do things sexually i was not turned on thinking about, but doing them anyways. I am not attracted to or aroused by men. One of those ladies wanted to watch me be physically dominated when not expecting it, by two men, tied up and taken sexually without a say, and i enjoyed that very much because of feeling powerless, and the humiliation of enjoying it.

    I love how anal stimulation feels, and whioe toys, fingers, even fists feel wonderful, an actual penis feels best. I had a roomie in college who was friends with one of the ladies, and he was all about having a straight guy as a submissive sex slave. The mutual lady friend and i had a friends with benefits type thing. She came over and the first time with the roomie, she facilitated. She told me the only way to keep having fun with her would be to serve my roomie, her best friend for 16 years, of his every sexual desire like a good submissive. I obeyed, and enjoyed it. I never initiated, but he was always fine with dominating me, and making me feel like his submissive slave. Spent 3 years enjoying being used by him, and whenever he is in town, he stops by my place and uses me. I enjoy how i feel like a dirty whore with the arrangement, on top of the other enjoyment mentioned earlier. A man touching my penis turns me off entirely, as does looking and seeing a mans face.

    I now have a neighbor who is a beautiful woman, very dominant sexually, and has a very large penis and loves using it. I never suspected her of being trans, but one drunk night hanging out i accidentally caught a glance of her large package, and she asked if i liked it. I told her how perfect she was, and how i enjoyed the aforementioned experiences. She knows i am straight, and we even have several women who we regularly have join us. Her and i spend 8+ hours together every day. We also usually spend the night together. With her, i love initiating sex, love when she touches my penis. Love when she calls me her good little cocksucker with her welsh accent, and tells me what to do. I love when she wakes me up because she woke up horny, and slides into me. Half the nights we sleep together, we fall asleep with her penis inside me. She treats me like a man, she acts like a lady and looks like a gorgeous amazonian babe. Her 10 inch long ultra thick tapered penis and large testicles turn me on as much as her gorgeous killer curves, and her nice perky yet supple DD breast, and round feminine ass and legs. She is nearly a foot taller than me, at 6’4, with very long very feminine yet strong legs. She has had very little surgery, is on low dose hormones, very high sex drive. I love how much she ejaculates and tasting it, swallowing it, and especially when she shoots a load deep in my butt. I enjoy when she sucks me while pounding me, and kisses me with her mouth filled after i ejaculate. I enjoy watching her body, kissing her, and all the things i enjoy about women.

    Her and i enjoy having women join us, she knows i enjoy vagina, and being inside a woman. Her and i also both enjoy being inside a woman together, and cleaning up after each other. I enjoy having a woman join me in pleasuring my lady’s penis orally. We have several ladies and have one or sometimes two over every 2 or 3 days.

    I am straight, no matter what others want to think or feel. I would love to marry her, and hope to one day, and we in fact just decided to officially be BF and GF and are officially dating. We are even talking about moving into a larger unit together since we have been pretty much spendong all free time together for the last 20 months.

    So if enjoying various kinks and fetishes, as well as being with a woman who just happens to have a large penis and enjoys being the dominant sexual partner, whioe treating me like the man i am and her acting like a normal woman she looks and sounds like, who enjoys having other women with vaginas join us for 3sums and 4sums somehow makea me not straight, then everyone is either bi or gay.

    1. Brother you are a lucky boy. send a photo of 10 lunch ultra thick tapered penis large testicles.iam pray that bed time daily.her photo also please.thankyou naughty boy

  17. There sure are some misinformed and immature posters here. I am straight, happily married, with a good heterosexual sex like, and I’ve had sex with men most of my adult life. If I say I’m straight, I’m straight. What others think is of no consequence to me. I’m 60 and I’ve had a long time to get to know who and what I am.

    I have a gay friend who once told me that once w(en he was in his 20s he spent a weekend having sex with a woman friend. He said that it was a very hot experience and they did everything that a man and woman could to together. He said that he had never dreamed that a pussy could feel so fantastic. I ask if he ever repeated the experience and he said “hell no!” Why not? “Because I’m gay!” Locking yourself into a box of artificial identity is very limiting. You miss a lot. So, for this reason, I say I’m straight because it is what is expected. But really, I don’t care for any of the labels.

    1. <<>> 

      And there are far too many in denial homosexuals like you here. So what?


      Then you’re NOT straight if you are having sex with men most of your adult life. Just because you claim to be straight doesn’t mean that you are. 


      And if Caitlyn Jenner says she’s a woman, then she’s a WOMAN lol.


      Obviously not long enough since you haven’t come to the realization that you are in fact GAY/BISEXUAL. If you continue to lie to yourself then you’re gonna go to your grave a liar. Because my friend, you are certainly NOT straight.


      That doesn’t prove to me that you’re straight. All you’re just telling us is a story about your gay friend that supposedly had sex with a woman. 

      First of all, I don’t believe that story one bit, because it sounds suspect to me. You claimed your friend  told you that when he was in his 20s he spent a weekend having sex with a woman friend and they all of a sudden had sex and that enjoyed it; that it was a very hot experience and they did everything that a man and woman could to together. But then all of a sudden he stopped because he was gay? Queen, I don’t believe that story one bit. I know many gay men that would NEVER or had EVER touch a woman or would be intimate with her PERIOD!

      Secondly, sharing to us someone’s alleged experience with the opposite sex is meaningless. It’s not going to get you anywhere because you cannot demonstrate why anyone should believe this story you’re telling. Even if that story you told was true, he wouldn’t be like — “well, I’m gonna stop because I’m gay and because I’m gay, I’m not going to allow myself to do something I enjoyed, which would have made my homophobic parents proud” — no. He would have continued seeing women and he’s not going to let a label like being gay, stop him from having sex with women. Or could have said it just to get into your pants But since I can’t prove that it’s true then it’s meaning less to even bring up.

      To me a good judge of character is observed by how your actions are displayed. Action should be met with verbal obligation, not lies or contradiction. So if your actions contradicts your rhetoric then anything you said before leaves a bad stain on your image. ‘Cause how you act, speaks miles. And if you’re hooking up with men but claim to be straight, then you’re  not. You’re just an in denial self-hating queen. Tell me, how many transgender woman or crossdressers have you been with?


      Then GTFO of the closet queen. Closets are for clothes, pop the lock on the door and GTFO. 

  18. I can relate to this fully. I’m married and have a great sex life, but I really enjoy sex with men too. With men it’s purely physical, only sex, not any other kind of attraction. I consider myself lucky to have a wide range of sexual pleasures.

  19. Indu Rajeswari‘s model sound interesting, and my experience tends to align with it. During one season of my life, I was able to connect with women emotionally and not men. At another stage, the reverse was true. How can this happen? My guess is that we can have blocks, whether spiritual, biological, psychological, or etheric. It’s hard to say, but the defining narratives we tell ourselves are powerful for making sense of life and making peace with ourselves and others; yet the whole truth can be bigger than any one narrative selecively constructed from perceptions and memories.

    I would encourage the original poster of this to be aware of the bigger scope of truths in his life narrative and journey, if not for defining accepting himself, than for those with which he may wish to develop deeper relationships.

  20. If you have sex with men that literally means you feel some attraction for men, otherwise you wouldn’t do it. So you’re not gay, but you’re also not straight, you’re BISEXUAL. You feel sexual attraction for both sexes. Stop thinking only gay and straight exist. Bi exists too, and Sexual orientation is about attraction, feelings don’t have to be necessarily involved.

  21. As a gay man, I have had sex with many straight men. It’s awesome and a great arrangement, they get the freedom to get exactly what they want, they have a fuck bud that is totally into them ( I think a lot of times their wives or girlfriends can really say that) I am great with being used and worshipping their masculinity. They get off and have no strings attached. I don’t think those men are gay, they just want their base sexual needs met and they know another man can do it easiest and best.

  22. What’s so wrong with identifying as a bi or gay person?! It seems if you say you’re emotionally or attracted to another man it’s like taboo or something! The guy writing this article seems to think he’s str8, but can have his cake and eat it too, I’m very confused! lol I could say ” Hey, I’ve been out with lot’s of women, I’ve been engaged and nearly married 3, but I got out of there, pressure to marry scared the crap out of me. So does that make me straight like the writer? I had sex,and it was bad! Yuck, the worst!!! lol I manly say “I am Gay & I like Dick!” I say if you’re attracted to men, feel the urge to suck dick and fuck then you lie within the gay to bi category!!!! I don’t buy it, and I hope these dudes don’t push it! Well, then again “can you ever tell anyone else “who they really are…”now can you!?!” lol [Disney Theme: It’s a strange world after all!]”

  23. LMAO i haven’t seen this much denial since i binge watched a season of the Maury show the other day

  24. If we were able to put aside the barriers instilled by society I think MOST PEOPLE lie on the BISEXUAL spectrum, but with specifics about what they would do with the same-sex.

    Gay men are not mentally aroused by anything to do with the female form.

    But there are lesbians who get off to gay male porn. Are they truly a lesbian if they mentally find the male form erotic, even if they wouldn’t be with a man in real life?

    Confusing stuff.

  25. If we were able to put aside the barriers instilled by society I think MOST PEOPLE lie on the BISEXUAL spectrum, but with specifics about what they would do with the same-sex.

    As far as I know gay men are not mentally aroused by anything to do with the female form?

    But there are lesbians who get-off to gay male porn. Are they truly a lesbian if they mentally find the male form erotic, even if they wouldn’t be with a man in real life? Are they actually bisexual but with preference for women. I know this is about men but wanted to say I’m confused about that.

  26. Hey man I think u might be a Heteroromantic Bisexual, search it up. Its where a person is attracted to both genders sexually but is only attracted to the opposite sex romantically.

  27. God was sucking cock and swallowing when he punished a good straight man like me with singleness. Go figure.

    1. This has been a long thread, and that could be said of several men who came on over the last five years since it started, insistent that they are straight, despite the fact that they regularly have sex with other men. I think of it as being simply a word definition issue, and as I understand the word straight, in a sexual sense, it does not involve having sex with people of the same gender on any sort of a regular basis. These men are plainly bisexual simply by the definition of the word. It doesn’t matter what they feel like about it.

      Comments are made like, “Oh, it’s just a label,” but you have to wonder why they so clingingly prefer the label that doesn’t fit to the one that does. I think it is sad for other people in the LGBTQ community to have to see people clinging so hard to being straight even when they are not, but people have been in the closet forever. It’s just perplexingly curious to have someone vehemently deny being bisexual and proclaim to be straight, when they simultaneously openly acknowledge regularly having sex with people of both genders and go into more detail by far in some cases with specifics about how they’ve enjoyed sex with people of their own! They were not at all capable of explaining themselves adequately, in such a way that I could hope to understand what they thought they meant by that.

    1. And for claiming to be so much more intelligent than everyone she or he deals with on here, his or her use of our language does not strike me as being all that supportive of the claim.

  28. I am straight guy that has had oral and anal sex with w different men. It had been 20 yrs since my last encounter and have recently made arrangements with a guy for regular meeting.
    I have no attraction to a man other than his cock. I have found that I thoroughly enjoy being submissive even though I am very masculine. No hugging, kissing, etc. I perform oral to completion and really like being subjected to anal.
    There is a feeling of satisfaction when I feel a guy tense up and quiver and moan during climax.
    I am exclusive to this one guy and will continue keep him satisfied. We are both straight and married.

  29. And all this time I thought I was bisexual. I guise all the struggles with acceptance meant nothing thanks to some closet case with internal acceptance issues.

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