Dear Straight People Launches Fundraising Campaign For Homeless LGBT Shelter Rumah Angkat

The first charity to benefit from Dear Straight People’s new corporate responsibility program is Rumah Angkat, a transitional housing service that aims to provide temporary housing for homeless LGBTIQ persons in Malaysia.

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Dear Straight People,

We are excited to announce our fundraising campaign for Rumah Angkat, a shelter for homeless LGBT+ people in Malaysia.


With a strong track record in creating viral content, Dear Straight People has put our expertise in content strategy to good use by conducting pro-bono fundraising campaigns for LGBT+ charities.

Some notable examples include this video for Oogachaga (Counselling Center for the LGBT+ community) and this photo album for Project X (Singapore’s only sex workers rights group). In both cases, thousands of dollars were raised and 100% of all proceeds were given to the selected charities.

Fundraising campaigns for Oogachaga & Project X

Moving forward, Dear Straight People will be going one step further by formalising this process. This ensures that we provide consistent and adequate support to LGBT+ charities in need of help throughout the year.

Under Dear Straight People’s newly launched Spotlight Program, we will conduct a comprehensive fundraising campaign for one LGBT+ organisation in Asia each quarter.

This means that Dear Straight People will produce a wide range of content with the aim of raising awareness and funds for the selected charity. 100% of all proceeds raised will be given to the selected charity.


The very first charity that will benefit from The Spotlight Program will be Rumah Angkat, a transitional housing service that aims to provide temporary housing for homeless LGBTIQ persons in Malaysia.

Co-founded by a collective of LGBT+ organisations, Rumah Angkat is managed by a Board of Governance comprising experienced LGBT+ activists.

Rumah Angkat may only have been founded in 2020. But they have already made quite the impact. Since their establishment, Rumah Angkat has:

  • Helped LGBTQ+ persons escape violence, abuse, and homelessness;
  • Assisted residents to access gender-affirming transitional care;
  • Provided housing to both refugees and homeless people; and
  • Set up a network of organisations and volunteers to fight LGBTIQ+ homelessness.


Running a transitional homeless shelter in Malaysia is a costly endeavour. But the work that they do is not just important. It’s necessary given the marginalisation of the LGBT+ community in Malaysia.

Donating to Rumah Angkat will help them support Malaysia’s LGBT+ community by providing:

  • A transitional shelter for homeless LGBT+ people and refugees in Malaysia
  • Gender-affirming care and transition support
  • Legal, financial and mental health support.


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