Regardless Of Sexuality: Singapore’s First LGBT Documentary In Almost 20 Years Airs On National TV

Find out more about Regardless Of Sexuality, the groundbreaking documentary that aired on Singapore TV.

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On 26 April at 11pm, Singapore premiered its first LGBT documentary in almost 20 years on national TV. The last time an LGBT documentary aired on Singapore TV was back in 2005.

Hosted by Senior Minister Of State Dr Janil Puthucheary, ‘Regardless Of Sexuality’ is part of Channel News Asia’s ‘Regardless Of’ series, whose past episodes have tackled similarly thorny issues.

“In past documentaries, I have been tasked to examine race, religion and even social class. But now I’ve been handed my toughest assignment yet; Sexuality.”

Dr Janil Puthucheary

The groundbreaking documentary marks the first time that Singapore TV has gathered LGBT individuals, along with their parents and religious leaders, to share their views on sexuality in Singapore.

With a runtime of almost 50 minutes, this documentary comprises various segments and endeavors to answer a challenging question: How can LGBT individuals in Singapore reconcile their sexuality with their family, faith, and community?

For those of you missed the premier, you can watch the full documentary on YouTube instead.

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  1. Singapore ‘appears’ modern than any other country in South East Asia, but in terms of sexuality acceptance, it still losses out to Vietnam which has a weekly TV Come Out programme also widely shared on FB and YouTube. ✌️

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