8 Weird Things Gay Men Do That Are Really Weird


Dear Straight People,

If you find gay men’s same-sex attraction weird, wait till you read about the following 8 weird things that gay men do that are even weirder!

 1. Gay men like to categorise themselves as animals.

fabulous polar bear meme

The general population categorise body types by using adjectives such as ‘fat’, ‘muscular’ or ‘thin’ etc.

Gay men however, use animals as descriptive terms for their body types! For example, a bear is a gay man who is big, buff and hairy, a wolf is someone who is relatively hairy, muscular and lean while a bull is a gay man with the physique of a typical bodybuilder! Why gay men like to categorise one another as animals is beyond my comprehension.

2. Gay men have a knack for labelling every female pop star as a gay icon

Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

Attaining gay icon status used to be quite a feat back in the day.

Nowadays, gay men are taking their diva worship a bit too far by pretty much worshipping every female pop star out there. Even one-hit wonders like Carly Rae Jepsen has been referred to as a gay icon before!

 3. Sending pictures of their penises to strangers is considered quite normal


 While Hollywood starlets are panicking over their publicly leaked nudes, a lot of gay men seem to have no qualms about sending each other pictures of their… assets.

4. Suss out other gay men by staring intensely at them

Source: challengeaccepted-blog.tumblr.com
Source: challengeaccepted-blog.tumblr.com

Yes, the most common way a gay man determines whether another man is gay or not is by erm… staring intensely at them.

5. Describe themselves as straight-acting

Source: goodreads.com
Source: goodreads.com

 Why gay men choose to describe themselves as ‘straight-acting’, when they are clearly not straight, is something that I myself have always found baffling too.

6. Either lust over or hate on other gay men

everyone happy meme

If a gay guy isn’t salivating over another gay man, chances are that he is probably cursing the other gay man to hell and back.

7. Use pictures of inanimate objects as their profile pictures

Source: becaefinmitchell.tumblr.com
Source: becaefinmitchell.tumblr.com

Whatever inanimate object that you can possibly think of, a gay man out there is probably using it as his Grindr profile picture!

8. Check out girls!

I'm so confusedNo gay men aren’t confused, nor are they sexually attracted to women. To put it simply,some  gay men like to check out girls the same way other straight girls like to check out girls.

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3 comments on “8 Weird Things Gay Men Do That Are Really Weird”

  1. Homosexual men actually conceived most of the emblematic concepts of masculinity and were known for being masculine while heterosexual men were considered effeminate. Look at Greece around 500 b.c During that period male homosexual desire governed their society and it gave rise to practices and concepts that we still consider esential parts of masculinity such as becoming athletic, developing a healthy, strong and muscular body, acquiring militaristic knowldge, etc.

  2. Laim… you didnt even do a good job of copying this list off the 100 other websites that you took it from. Maybe you should actualy get to know some gay people before you make a bunch of fake ass “obdervations”…

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