10 Times Charmed Gave You Too Much Feels

Dear People,

If you’ve shed a tear or two while watching ‘Charmed’, trust me… you’re not the only one! Check out the following 10 times Charmed gave it’s viewers too much feels!

  1. When Piper’s grief over the death of Prue made you cry
Source: bufflehanearchive.tumblr
Source: bufflehanearchive via Tumblr

2. When Piper’s anger at Prue’s death made you angry and sad all at the same time

Source: Sinfultragedy via Tumblr
Source: Sinfultragedy via Tumblr

3. When Phoebe’s rejection of Cole made him go bonkers and that was really kind of sad too

Source: foreverhalliwell.tumblr
Source: foreverhalliwell.tumblr

4. When Phoebe was forced to vanquish the love of her life and she pretty much vanquished all of our feelings too
cole vanquish 2

cole vanquish 3 cole vanquish 4

5. And then you watched Phoebe cry her heart out and that made you cry yourself to sleep

Source: halliwels.tumblr.com
Source: halliwels.tumblr.com

6. When Paige had to watch her parents die again to find out why her parents died and she didn’t

I still don't know why I survived and they didn't


7. When Chris died and you were like ‘WHY DOES EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW KEEP DYING?’

Source: kissedmequiteinsane.tumblr.com
Source: kissedmequiteinsane.tumblr.com

8. When Leo was forced to leave Piper to go be an Elder and that made you depressed cos these two could never catch a break!

Source: the-powerofthree via Tumblr
Source: the-powerofthree via Tumblr

9. When Chris poured his heart out to Leo and made you wanna give that poor kid a hug

Source: foreverhalliwell.tumblr.com/
Source: foreverhalliwell.tumblr.com/

10. When Piper thought she lost her sister again and that gave you wayyy too much feels

Source: halliwels.tumblr.com/
Source: halliwels.tumblr.com/

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