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10 Times Charmed Gave You Too Much Feels

Dear People, If you’ve shed a tear or two while watching ‘Charmed’, trust me… you’re not the only one! Check out the following 10 times Charmed gave it’s viewers too much feels! When Piper’s grief over the death of Prue made you cry 2. When Piper’s anger at Prue’s death made you angry and sad

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8 Times Mariah Carey Threw Shade Flawlessly!

 Dear People, Last week, we crowned Mariah Carey as the shadiest diva of all time. This week, it seems fitting that we pay tribute to Mariah Carey’s expert skill at throwing shade. Read on to see how Mariah Carey threw shade flawlessly on 8 separate occasions. 1. When Mariah Carey was asked about Jennifer Lopez

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7 Reasons Why Gay Men Love Charmed

Dear Gay People, Do you miss the days when the hit supernatural series ‘Charmed’ was still playing on TV screens? If you do, you’re definitely not the only one! During it’s run, Charmed developed a huge cult following among the gay community and we have a strong inkling that gay men had a lot to

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10 Things Straight Women Need To Stop Doing

 Dear Straight Women, As much as we love you in a completely platonic sisterly kind of way, some of the things you do really get to us. Here are 10 things straight women need to stop doing! 1. Stop referring to us as your gay friend We certainly don’t refer to you as our straight

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