7 Reasons Why Adele Is The New Queen Of Pop

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Dear People,

Adele is the new queen of pop! And no, that was not an opinion. That was a fact. And if you’re still not convinced and think that Taylor Swift should be crowned as the new queen of pop instead, check out the following 7 reasons why Adele is totally the new queen of pop!

1. Her comeback single ‘Hello’ broke so many records it’s ridiculous 

hello from the other side

Adele’s first single off her new album ‘Hello’ broke the internet when it dropped on the 23rd of October and she didn’t even have to show any skin! I mean honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous just how impactful the powerful ballad was. The song sold over a million downloads in the US in its first week alone, entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 1 and has since gone on to become the fastest selling single in 18 years! And if all of that wasn’t enough, the music video for the song became the second fastest music video ever to hit 100 million views!

2. 25 looks set to become 2015’s top selling album,and probably, 2015’s best album as well!

adele 25

Adele’s third studio album ’25’ is well on its way to become 2015’s highest selling album, despite the fact that its released near the end of the year in November.

And after listening to it, I personally think that 25 is not just a fantastic album but that it’s actually better than 21! Only a queen would be able to accomplish such a feat so all hail Adele!

3. Adele has won 86 awards to date!!!


Adele has won a grand total of 86 awards to date including 10 Grammy awards as well as an Academy award! In fact, Adele became only the second female artist to walk away with 6 Grammys in one night in 2012.

4. Her second album 21 was declared as the Greatest Album of All Time!

adele 21

Billboard declared Adele’s 21 as the ‘Greatest Album Of All Time’ beating out Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album as well as the soundtrack for the Sound of Music which placed second on its list.

5. She relies on her talents alone

I make music to be a musician

Adele climbed her way to the top of the pop music scene based on her singing and songwriting talents alone. She has never had to resort to gimmicky marketing tricks or fancy endorsements to get herself noticed. And that in my opinion, is definitely something worth commending.

6. Adele actually has a personality

I love to swear

If you’ve watched any of Adele’s interviews, then you will see that she is incredibly real and funny as well!

7. It is literally impossible to hate on Adele

stop eating
Source: wifflegif.com

Justin Bieber has heaps of haters. Taylor Swift has her fair share of haters. Even Beyonce has some haters too.

But Adele doesn’t seem to have any haters cos it’s literally impossible to hate on Adele. The only hater Adele has is probably that ex-boyfriend that she keeps singing about.

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