SIRE Is An Online Men’s Health Clinic Specialising In Issues Like Erectile Dysfunction

SIRE Singapore is a digital men’s health clinic that caters to challenges such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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In a world where privacy is dwindling, a Singaporean doctor has pioneered an online men’s health clinic that caters to the hush-hush concerns of your everyday man.

Dear Straight People,

SIRE is a digital men’s health clinic that caters to the type of concerns that most men would prefer to be kept private. Picture challenges such as erectile dysfunction or hair loss and you get the idea.

Before launching SIRE, Dr. Bosty worked in the Urology department in public hospitals. It was during his tenure there that he became familiar with the private struggles of Singaporean men, prompting an epiphany that led to the inception of SIRE. 

So you can say that this venture was far from whimsical; it was a realisation imbued with a mission.

SIRE – Revolutionising Men’s Health, One Click at a Time

If you’re imagining a moustachioed doctor huddled behind a screen, you’re not far off. But SIRE is way more sophisticated, relying on cutting-edge technology to bring men’s health into the digital age.

While SIRE started with the goal of tackling issues that are more private in nature, they’ve since expanded their services to cover every spectrum of men’s health. Some popular services include:

1. Erectile Dysfunction

SIRE understands that erectile dysfunction is a sensitive matter, especially if you’re a top. 

The causes of erectile dysfunction are many. But regardless of what’s causing your member to stay soft, SIRE has several options available, ranging from pills to counselling.

Find out more about their treatments here.

2. Premature Ejaculation

Can’t last longer than a minute? 

SIRE has prescription-only medications that allow you to enjoy a more prolonged session. Taken as needed prior to sex, these medications allow you to last longer when the time calls for it.

Find out more about their solutions here.

3. Hair loss

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson may look great bald. Unfortunately, it’s a look that most Asian men can’t pull off.

Hair loss treatments are not particularly lacking in Singapore. But what sets SIRE apart is the fact that at SIRE, you don’t have to deal with pricey consultation fees and hair-raising markups.

Find out more about their hair loss remedies here.

SIRE – One Stop Shop For Men’s Health

Awarded ‘Top 3 Most Promising Telehealth Service Providers in Southeast Asia 2023’, SIRE reigns supreme as the definitive hub for all matters related to men’s well-being , offering an extensive array of services tailored to men’s health.

From Weight Management to Sleep Management, SIRE ventures beyond the familiar, delving into lesser known services such as Performance Anxiety, Testosterone Support, At-Home Semen Analysis, and Sex Therapy.

The SIRE Experience: Four Steps to a Better You

Step 1: Survey – Kickstart your SIRE journey with an online survey. 

You know those Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you which Game of Thrones character you are? Except this one delves into your medical history. 

Step 2: Consult – Within 24 hours, SIRE’s in-house doctors will study your details and connect with you over a video call. 

The best part? Dear Straight People’s followers will enjoy a FREE consultation (U.P $17) with Dr Bosty Chan himself. Simply quote DSPSIRE on the cart page.

Alternatively, book a consultation directly from here. 

Step 3: Deliver – Your medicines arrive in stealth mode. 

Discreet, unmarked packaging will find its way to you, ensuring your privacy remains locked tight.

Step 4: Subscribe to re-prescribe – No need for multiple appointments. 

With SIRE’s subscription service, they’ll make sure you get re-prescribed and treated like the VIP you are.

SIRE: Singapore’s Online Men’s Health with a Dash of Discretion

SIRE is not just a clinic; it’s a lifestyle for the modern man, brought to you by a medical professional who knows his stuff. 

Keeping it discreet is the new name of the game, and SIRE is here to make sure your health stays as private as your guilty pleasures.

Special Offer Alert: SIRE has very generously agreed to offer an exclusive deal to Dear Straight People’s readers. Enjoy a FREE consultation (U.P $17) with none other than the esteemed Dr. Bosty Chan himself. Simply check-out with our promo code DSPSIRE.


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