Out Of The Closet: Benjamin Lin Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 31-year old Singaporean Benjamin Lin! For 31 long years, Benjamin was so deep in the closet that not a single soul knew about his sexuality. The fear of getting ostracised coupled with his inability to come to terms with his own sexuality pushed Benjamin so deep in the closet that he made extra

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Upcoming LGBT-Related Christmas Events In Singapore That You Must Attend!

Dear Gay People, Even if your Christmas schedule is already pretty full, here are 3 LGBT-related events in Singapore that you should still make time for! 1. #aGSXmas Affair  Date: 26th December 2015 Venue: The Bar Above (72 + 74 Tanjong Pagar Road) Time: 330pm to 8pm Details: GLBT Voices Singapore will be holding its inaugural

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Out Of The Closet: Nicholas Lim Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 35-year old Singaporean Nicholas Lim, who also happens to be the admin of GLBT Voices Singapore (GVS); the largest Singaporean GLBT community on Facebook! When Nicholas was only 5-years old, he was sexually abused by various male figures in his childhood. The childhood sexual ‘happenings’ continued on till he was 7, when

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