Top 10 Hottest Lesbians

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Dear Gay People,

Check out this list of 10 of the hottest lesbian celebrities in the world! All you lesbians can thank us later 😉

10. Samantha Fox


First up on our list is English singer and former glamour model Samantha Fox. Even her last name alone sounds sexy enough! Currently married to her manager Myra Stratton, her wife and her once took part in the reality show ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’!

9. Jodie Foster


Two-time Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood today. Apart from possessing truckloads of talent, Jodie Foster is also one of the hottest lesbians you can find in Hollywood today!

8. Ellen Page


Number 8 on our list is not just a hot lesbian, she is also a vegetarian! Rising Hollywood starlet Ellen Page came out of the closet in 2014 during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign “Time to Thrive” conference. Judging from the fact that Ellen Page was also once voted the sexiest vegetarians of 2014 by PETA, we aren’t the only ones who think she is hot!

7. Chely Wright


American country music singer Chely Wright took a long time to come to terms with her sexuality. However, in 2004, she started coming out to close family and friends and soon thereafter, she came out to the public making her one of the first openly gay country singers.

6. Ellen Degeneres

Source: Flickr

Smart, eloquent and funny, Ellen Degeneres is arguably the most famous lesbian in Hollywood currently. There are few things hotter than a good sense of humour and since Ellen is one of the funniest women in the world, Ellen makes it to number 6 on this list!

5. Nikki and Jill Goldstein

Source: Nikki & Jill: The Real L Word - Official Page via Facebook
Source: Nikki & Jill: The Real L Word – Official Page via Facebook

Occupying the number 5 spot is not just one hot lesbian, its two hot lesbians! Married couple Nikki and Jill Goldstein are reality TV stars who are now a hot married lesbian couple with a kid of their own.

4. Ingrid Nilsen

Source: Ingrid Nilsen via Facebook
Source: Ingrid Nilsen via Facebook

26-year old American YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen came out in a tearful video that went viral and caused a media storm. With her megawatt smile, perfect hair and flawless complexion, Ingrid Nilsen is our pick for the number 4 spot on this list!

3. Tila Tequila


Number 3 on this list is the smoking hot Tila Tequila! Born in Singapore, the picture above is reason enough to earn Tila Tequila the number 3 spot on the list.

2. Ruby Rose

Source: Ruby Rose Facebook page
Source: Ruby Rose Facebook page

Australian actress Ruby Rose came out of the closet at the tender age of 12. With her role in the hit TV show ‘Orange is the New Black’, Ruby Rose also plays of the most badass lesbians on TV! The fact that so many straight girls are crushing on Ruby Rose is reason enough to justify Ruby Rose’s position on this list!

1. Portia De Rossi


Number 1 on our list is none other than the gorgeous Portia De Rossi! Portia De Rossi concealed her homosexuality for a while, afraid that it would jeopardise her acting career. When she eventually did come out, people had a hard time believing her, largely because her blonde bombshell image did not fit in with the butch lesbian stereotype.

Source: Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi FB page
Source: Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi FB page

Currently married to Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi is our pick for the hottest lesbian in Hollywood today!

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