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The 10 Most Annoying Types Of Guys On Grindr

Dear Gay People, Here are 10 of the most annoying types of guys on Grindr that you’ve probably come across before: Faceless profiles that ironically expects everyone else to have a face 2. Guys who enjoy talking to themselves 3. Guys who are perpetually thinking about sex 4. Guys who use really bad pick-up lines

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How Grindr Turned Me Into An Asshole

Dear Gay People, I have a confession to make… I am an asshole on Grindr. And if you ever meet me on Grindr, chances are that you’re probably going to hate me. But I wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time, I used to be a ‘Mr Nice Guy’ on Grindr. I made an

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Yes, Race Privilege Exists And I Am A Victim Of It!

Dear Gay People,                                 I am a victim of race privilege! But before I became a victim, I actually used to be a beneficiary of race privilege. Thus, the reason why I can so confidently claim that race privilege exists

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12 Of The Worst Grindr Pick-Up Lines Ever Used!

Dear Gay People, If using a bad pick-up line is a crime, then the following 12 gay men should totally be slapped with life imprisonment! Check out the following 12 terrible Grindr pick-up lines that some poor soul on the receiving end actually had to endure. Never ever address a stranger as bae! 2. Never

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Top 5 Grindr Tips!

 Dear Gay People, Regardless of whether you guys will admit it or not, many of you need some serious intervention in your Grinding habits. Check out the following top 5 tips that might make your time on Grindr, or other gay apps for that matter, slightly more fulfilling! 1. Not getting a response is a

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15 Awesome Grindr Pick-up Lines To Try Out!

Dear Gay People, Does your Grindr conversation typical start out with a ‘Hi’ or a ‘Hey’ followed by a ‘How are you’ before it eventually proceeds on to become the most mundane sleep inducing conversation ever? If so, trust me, you’re definitely not the only one. Most Grindr conversations tend to begin with a very

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