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An Open Letter To All The Lonely Gay Men Jaded With The ‘Scene’

The social climate for the contemporary gay man is one where friendships are grey and appearance is king. So it’s no surprise many gay men feel lonely & jaded.

This letter is addressed to every gay man who has ever felt jaded with the scene.

An Open Letter To Everyone Tired Of Gay Hook Up Culture

Dear Straight (and LGBTQ+) People, I don’t quite remember the first time I met someone through Grindr but I definitely remember the thrill of it. Before I owned a smartphone, I would borrow my relative’s iPod Touch and secretly download the app to see who are the gay men around me before deleting the app

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Confession: I’m Hooked Onto Chemsex And I Don’t Know How To Stop

Dear Gay People, I’m so hooked onto chemsex that I can no longer get off on regular sex. It all started a couple of years ago. I was feeling horny and decided to get on Grindr in the hopes of finding someone to relieve me of my raging hormones. Not long after, I got lucky and

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Confession: I Am Straight… But I Regularly Have Sex With Other Men

A straight man who regularly has sex with other men explains why having gay sex doesn’t make one gay.

10 Typical Grindr Situations That Gay Men Have All Been In Before

Dear Straight People, If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in Grindr, the following 10 screenshots of typical Grindr situations should give you a pretty insightful glimpse into the kind of conversations we have in the world of gay apps! 1. When he’s not your type 2. When you’re not his type 3. When he’s

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10 Famous Faces You Would Never Expect To Find On Grindr!

Dear Gay People, Amidst the sea of headless torsos that populate Grindr, here are 10 famous faces that you would probably never expect to ever find on Grindr! 1. Lord Voldemort 2. Fa Mulan 3. Gandalf 4. Britney Spears 5. George Michael 6. Justin Bieber 7. Perez Hilton 8. Pope Benedict (I think) 9. Daria

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Asking For Equal Treatment Isn’t Being Greedy, It’s Being Reasonable!

Dear Straight People, The LGBT community has been called many things. We have been labelled as being mentally ill, derided for being hedonistic and more recently, accused of being greedy. In fact, it’s not just the straight community that has accused the LGBT right activists of being greedy. Singapore’s most prominent gay celebrity Kumar himself has

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8 New Grindr Features We Need Right Now!

Dear Gay People, I’m sure most of you will agree that Grindr needs a couple of  improvements. I mean sure, Grindr isn’t exactly a bad hook-up dating app, but it definitely isn’t the best either. Here are 8 suggested new Grindr features that we all need right now! Grammar Check          

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7 Rules Of Grindr Every Gay Guy Should Abide By

Dear Gay People, If you’ve downloaded Grindr or any other gay app onto your phones, then please obey the following 7 rules of Grindr. No they aren’t actually official rules. But someone should definitely make them official for the benefit of all gay men around the world! In no particular order, here are the 7

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How Grindr Is Ruining The Gay Scene

Dear Gay People, I think its fair to say that we all have a love-hate relationship with Grindr. Actually, it’s not just Grindr. Our contradictory feelings towards Grindr pretty much applies to all the other gay apps out there like Jack’d, Planet Romeo etc. We swear off them one day. Find our way back to

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