Top 5 Grindr Tips!

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 Dear Gay People,

Regardless of whether you guys will admit it or not, many of you need some serious intervention in your Grinding habits. Check out the following top 5 tips that might make your time on Grindr, or other gay apps for that matter, slightly more fulfilling!

1. Not getting a response is a response itself!


Yes, I know it sucks and we have all probably encountered this scenario before. We message that cute guy on Grindr but unfortunately, he doesn’t reply. We convince ourselves that maybe he didn’t see the message at first and try again a day later and yet; all we get is a deafening silence.

The truth of the matter is that, the guy is simply just not interested! To be fair, that hot guy you have been pestering is probably being bombarded with messages from other swooning gay guys as well. So instead of taking the time and effort to reject every single guy one by one, he probably decided to just ignore the ones he isn’t interested in since that seems like a more convenient solution.

In summary, not getting a response is a response in itself already. So save your pride and spend your attention on someone else. There are plenty of other hot guys on Grindr to message!

2. If the conversation is boring, he is just not that into you!


If you ever find yourself in a conversation whereby you are always the one initiating the questions and his replies are always short and boring, then I have bad news for you. He is simply not that into you!

He probably doesn’t have the heart to break it to you but chances are, when a guy doesn’t put in any effort into a conversation, he just isn’t interested in you. If a guy truly wants to get to know you, he will.

So if the conversation is boring the hell out of you, stop torturing yourself and move on.

 3. Read the person’s profile!


 It’s so amazing how many gay guys talk to another person without at least reading their profile first. You will be amazed at how much difference reading someone’s profile can make!

For example, a profile that states that they will not reply faceless profiles might explain why he is not replying you since your profile picture is probably a picture of your headless torso. Another common example could be that the reason why he is ignoring your booty call is because he has already stated explicitly on his profile that he is not looking for fun.

So seriously, read first, chat later!

 4. Start with an interesting pick-up line


 I am pretty sure your opening line to every Grindr conversation is:

‘Hey/Hi, how are you doing?’

No I’m not psychic. The reason why I am probably right is because that’s pretty much the same line every dude on Grindr uses. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a more interesting conversation, start with an interesting line. An ordinary start to a conversation will result in a very boring ordinary conversation. An interesting start to a conversation will however, likely lead to a very interesting and enjoyable conversation! Check out our list of awesome Grindr pick-up lines for some inspiration!

 5. If the guys’ response doesn’t make sense, he is probably a Robot!

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

 Robots on Grindr and other gay apps are getting smarter and smarter. However, every now and then, they slip up.

If the guy’s response to what you said doesn’t make any sense, chances are that he is probably a robot. If you aren’t sure, just simply ask him whether he is a robot. If he is, he will reply you with something that is completely irrelevant. That is when you should block and report his profile!

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