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Out Of The Closet: Xuan Shares His Story

Two years ago, Dear Straight People published Xuan’s coming out story. A few weeks later, we had to take the story down as it was causing him too much tension at home.

A perfect example of how there are still a lot of forces out there who want to silence queer voices, Xuan has very bravely decided to come out again in the hopes of inspiring others like him.


Review: You’re Missing Out If You Still Haven’t Watched Gay China Web Drama 上瘾 (Addicted aka Heroin)

Dear People, If you still haven’t caught the gay China web drama series 上瘾 (Addicted aka Heroin), you my friend are seriously missing out on life! After binge watching my way through the entire first season of 15 episodes, I can finally understand  why the gay high school drama was such a massive hit in

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