12 Things Gay Guys Say Vs What They Actually Mean

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Dear Gay People,

Gay guys are kind of like girls in many ways. Not only do we both like men, we also don’t often mean what we say. In much the same way that a woman is never ‘fine’ when she says she is fine, there is often a hidden meaning behind a gay man’s words.

Check out the following 12 things gay guys commonly say and what they really mean!

1. I am discreet

 What he really means: I am still in the closet and I am never going to send you my face pic, probably because I already have a girlfriend.

 2. I am open to options

What he really means: I am only after sex but I don’t want to explicitly spell it out because I don’t want to seem like such a slut

3. Do you live alone?

What he really means: If you live alone, we should totally do it at your place. If you live with someone else, then I’m going to try the next guy on Grindr.

4. I am already partnered and so I’m just looking for friends

What he really means: I am looking for someone to join my boyfriend and me for a threesome.

5. Do you have any other pics?

 What he really means: I want to see a picture of you topless, and send me a picture of your penis while you’re at it.

 6. Hi Cutie/Handsome/Hottie

What he really means: I just want to get inside your pants!

7. Where are you?

 What he really means: I’m trying to gauge how far away you are to determine whether its worth it for me to travel to where you are to get laid.

8. I am bored

What he really means: I am horny

9. I’m busy now

What he really means: I am just not that into you

10. Seek?

What he really means: I am only looking for sex and I hope you are too.

 11. Do you have Instagram?

What he really means: I just want to see more pictures of you to see how you really look like.

What he might also mean: I want to see who you hang out with

12. I’m versatile

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

What he really means: I am actually a bottom but I’m too shy to admit it

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