Dear Straight People, Not Every Gay Person Is Interested In You!

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 Dear Straight People,

I am not interested in you. And neither are most of the gay people that you come into contact with. The reason why I felt compelled to say that was because I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the following conversation happen to me:


I am gay

Straight Person:
I'm straight


not interested meme

Straight Person:

as if gif


Source: NBC
Source: NBC

The rest of the conversation then pretty much involves me trying to persuade the straight person in question that I really am not interested in him. Yes, I actually have to persuade straight people that I am not interested in them! And when you think about it, that’s honestly quite ridiculous.

This ridiculous phenomenon of straight people believing themselves to be gay magnets is something that gay people like myself have always found perplexing. I mean, most straight people are generally pretty insecure when they encounter someone from the opposite sex. But when straight people find out somebody they know is gay, suddenly they get a huge ego boost and believe themselves to be irresistible.

thought about me naked
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The reason behind this absurd belief among the heterosexual community can be partly attributed to the fact that straight people don’t see gay people as regular human beings. Many straight people find our taste in the same gender so confusing that it’s almost as if they view us as a separate human species. They see gay people as hyper-sexualised human beings who would pounce on anything that has a pulse.

That of course, is a completely ridiculous assertion. Just like straight people, gay people too have their own individual preferences. Regardless of how attractive you are, the subjective nature of beauty makes it impossible for someone to be everyone’s cup of tea. So if a gay person tells you that they are not interested in you, it really means that they are not interested in you!

But what if a gay person really wants me!

But of course, there are gay people who are actually interested in someone straight. If that’s the case for you, then take comfort in the fact that years of hiding in the closet have developed gay people’s abilities to repress their emotions and control their desires. Having said that, there will always be some gay people who can’t control their feelings and hormones and in those cases, it is definitely advisable for you to keep a distance from them.

However, just because some gay people are interested in you doesn’t mean we all are. The belief among the heterosexual community that gay people are always lusting after them is one of the fundamental causes of homophobia. Straight people need to learn to accept the fact that gay people are just regular human beings who just happen to be attracted to people of the same sex.

So the next time you find out someone is gay, there honestly is no need for you to reaffirm your heterosexuality. Chances are, they probably aren’t interested in you!

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