The 6 Biggest Misconceptions About Bisexuals

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Dear People,

To say that bisexuals are misunderstood would be a gross understatement. Misconceptions regarding the bisexual community abound in both the straight and gay community. Today, we are going to address 6 common misconceptions regarding the bisexual community.

1. Bisexuals are more prone to cheating


The likelihood of someone cheating depends on their character, not their sexuality.

2. Bisexuality is just a phase


Why do people find it so hard believe that bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation?

3. Bisexuals are just confused


The only ones confused are the people who insist that you can only either be straight or gay.

4. Bisexuals love threesomes


Someone’s love for threesomes depends on their personal preferences, not their sexuality.

5. Bisexuals are just greedy


The misconception that bisexuals are just greedy hedonists that want to enjoy the best of both worlds needs to stop. They can’t help it if they are attracted to both men and women.

6. Bisexuals are attracted to everyone!


The assumption that bisexuals are attracted to every single person they see is easily the most ridiculous misconception on this list! Bisexuals aren’t lust-filled animals you know…

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