15 Witty Responses To ‘Why are you single’ Questions

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Dear People,

Is a nosey relative/colleague/friend etc getting on your nerves with their ‘Why are you single’ questions? Is your reply that you ‘have no time to date’ starting to sound a bit stale and unconvincing?

If your answer to both of those questions is yes, then you need to check out the following 15 witty responses to those pesky ‘Why are you single’ questions!

1.Why are you so nosy?

2.I think its due to that chain email I didn’t forward back in 2007

3. My future boyfriend/girlfriend is very good at playing hide and seek

4. I’m too overqualified for everyone out there

5. I haven’t found anyone kinky enough” *creepily wink at them*

6. top 10 faces every gg makes

6. My future boyfriend/girlfriend is probably still attending primary school

7. If Leonardo Dicaprio can’t find love, what makes you think I can?

8. Because people like you make me never want to get attached

9. I’m too busy dating the internet/television/work/imaginary character to date anyone els

10. Why do you like to ask me this question when you know I don’t like to answer it?

Source: becaefinmitchell.tumblr.com
Source: becaefinmitchell.tumblr.com

11. I am already in a relationship with freedom

12. I am too smart to get myself into a problematic situation

13. Cos being in a relationship is too mainstream

14. My soulmate hasn’t signed up for Tinder/OkCupid/Match.com yet

15. I’m just afraid I’ll end up with someone like you

Yeah I'm an asshole

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