5 Must Watch LGBT Themed Movies

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Dear People,

Regardless of whether you are straight, gay or confused, here are 5 LGBT themed movies that needs to be on your movie bucket list!

1. Brokeback Mountain

One of the most critically and commercially successful gay themed movies of all time, Brokeback Mountain tells the emotionally and sexually complicated love story of 2 cowboys played by the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Apart from the fact that the film won heaps of prestigious awards, Brokeback Mountain is a must-watch film as it is one of those rare films that accurately and insightfully depicts the complexity of male sexuality. Despite the fact that Brokeback Mountain is commonly portrayed as a ‘gay’ film, its 2 male protagonists are anything but homosexual. While this might not make any sense at first, watching the film should shed some light on why labelling the 2 male protagonists as homosexual is highly inaccurate.

2. Far from Heaven

This Academy Award nominated drama follows the story of how a 1950s housewife played by Julianne Moore comes to terms with the fact that her husband is gay.

Apart from illustrating just how homosexuality affects not just the homosexuals themselves but everyone else around them, this film is a must-watch simply because of Julianne Moore’s powerful Academy Award nominated performance!

3. Prayers for Bobby

This Lifetime telemovie has all the hallmarks of a typical Lifetime production; plenty of histrionics and poor production values. Unlike many other Lifetime movies however, the leading cast consisting of Sigourney Weaver and Ryan Kelley manage to deliver powerful captivating performances. Sigourney Weaver in particular, delivers a memorable Golden Globe nominated performance that alone, is enough to justify this movie’s spot on your bucket list.

Based on a true story, Prayers for Bobby tells the story of a young gay man who kills himself due to the religiously motivated homophobia of his mother and their community that is sure to make you cry your heart out. In the context of Asian societies where homophobia is still largely religiously motivated, many gay Asian kids who are born into religious families should be able to identify well with this film.

4. Boys don’t cry

This Oscar winning film is based on the true story of a transgender man who is raped and beaten to death after his secret is exposed.

Apart from Hilary Swank’s flawless Oscar winning performance, this film is a must-watch as it shines a spotlight on the transgender community, something which doesn’t happen very often.

5. The kids are alright

Probably the only movie on this list that isn’t tragic in nature, this 2010 comedy-drama tells the story of how the children of a lesbian couple seek out their biological sperm donor father.

One of the rare LGBT themed movies that isn’t depressing by nature, this film is a must watch as apart from the Academy Award nominated performances from its cast, this film provides an interesting take on family values and family units that should give hope to everyone in the LGBT community.

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