Dear Straight People, We Are Not Something To Be Tolerated!

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Dear Straight People,

Lets get something straight. We don’t want you to tolerate us. Neither do we deserve to be  treated as something that needs to be tolerated. Things that should be tolerated instead include stuff like:

Fake people

fake people

Crying Kardashians


And Donald Trump


But the LGBT community however, definitely doesn’t want, nor does it deserve to be treated as something that needs to be tolerated.

For many religious people however, tolerance seems to be the most that they can afford. On one hand, everything about the LGBT community contradicts their fundamental religious beliefs. On the other hand, they feel the need to emulate the loving attitudes that their religion preaches. When torn between the two, tolerance seems like the only way to reconcile their own religious beliefs with their innate desire to be sympathetic to the plight of the LGBT community. And because tolerance is a form of compromise on their part, they expect us to be grateful to them for tolerating us! What’s worse is that too many straight people start to confuse tolerance with acceptance.

For the record, tolerance does not equate to acceptance. Tolerance implies that there is something wrong with us. And spin that however way you want, that definitely doesn’t sound like acceptance to me. While it may be easy for you straight people to forget, LGBT individuals are people too. And it is human nature to want to be accepted, not to be tolerated. Things like toothaches, traffic jams and terrible bosses are things that should be tolerated. The LGBT community however, certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated as something that needs to be tolerated.

So really straight people, instead of tolerating us, try getting to know us instead.


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