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5 Asians Over The Age Of 40 Reflect On How Growing Up LGBT Was Like For Them

Dear Straight People, Yes, it’s not easy being LGBT in Singapore. But while Singapore isn’t exactly a very gay-friendly place, it’s a heck of a lot better now than it was a few decades ago. But don’t just take my word for it. Hear it from the following 5 Singaporeans over the age of 40 who will

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Out Of The Closet: Ayden Constantine Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 23-year old Singaporean trans man, Ayden Constantine Kwan Lu Ting. At first glance, Ayden comes across as just another typical Singaporean male. He’s obsessed with Liverpool FC, has a deep manly voice, and has a penchant for fast cars. Few would have guessed that Ayden isn’t your typical Singaporean male. And I’m

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Out Of The Closet: Amy Tashiana Shares Her Story

Dear People, Meet 49-year old Singaporean Amy Tashiana! Born as a male, Amy started identifying herself as a female from the very early age of 8. Even from that very young age, she could sense that having such inclinations would not be socially acceptable and kept that knowledge to herself. It wasn’t till she was

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Dear Straight People, We Are Not Something To Be Tolerated!

Dear Straight People, Lets get something straight. We don’t want you to tolerate us. Neither do we deserve to be  treated as something that needs to be tolerated. Things that should be tolerated instead include stuff like: Fake people Crying Kardashians And Donald Trump But the LGBT community however, definitely doesn’t want, nor does it

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8 common misconceptions about transsexuals

 Dear Straight People, It’s time to bust 8 of the most common misconceptions you lot have about transsexuals! 1. Transexuals are all gay Sexuality and gender are two different things! Many transexuals are not gay. Caitlyn Jenner for example, has stated that she is not gay! 2. Transexuals are all mentally ill Transexuals are not

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