5 Very Real Struggles Of Gay Asian Couples

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Dear Straight People,

Being in any relationship is hard. But being in a gay relationship brings with it a whole new set of challenges unique to gay couples.

Check out the following 5 struggles that most gay Asian couples need to contend with:

  1. Only making out in secluded spots!
Source: gifsgallery.com
Source: gifsgallery.com

 Straight couples pretty much have the liberty to make out anywhere they want. And they certainly abuse that privilege, making out in coffee shops, libraries, shopping centres, bus stops and any other public place you can possibly think of.

Gay couples on the other hand, are forced to find dark secluded spots if they ever want to enjoy a smooch. Homosexuality still largely remains a taboo subject in Asian societies and so, unless attracting glares is an objective, gay couples are forced to find a secluded corner in order to make out in peace.

2. Lying about our relationship status

Source: gif-huntress.tumblr.com
Source: gif-huntress.tumblr.com

While this doesn’t apply to every gay couple, it does apply to a large portion of the attached gay community.

Whenever nosey relatives, colleagues or acquaintances ambush us with questions regarding our relationship status, we are forced to lie that we are single and think of ways to change the topic.

3. Never knowing what to get each other during special occasions

Source: wifflegif.com
Source: wifflegif.com

 In a heterosexual relationship, it is pretty straightforward. When it comes to monthsaries, anniversaries, Valentines’ day etc, every boyfriend is pretty much told to get their girlfriend flowers, chocolates or flowers with chocolates!

In a gay relationship however, it’s not so straight forward. So it’s better to stick to safer options like chocolates! You might want to check out Beans to Bars where readers can enjoy $2 off their purchases if they quote “deargoodgift” during checkout.

  1. Not daring to acknowledge our relationship on social media
Source: notboyfriends.tumblr.com
Source: notboyfriends.tumblr.com

 Again, this point does not apply to every gay couple but it does apply to many gay couples. While heterosexual couples like to flood social media platforms with their lovey-dovey couple pictures, it takes a lot of courage for gay couples in Asian societies to do the same. 

  1. Dealing with stupid questions

Source: giphy.com Whenever we bring our partner to a gathering with friends, there is always that one friend who asks us insensitive questions like

‘Who is the guy/girl in the relationship’?

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