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5 Very Real Struggles Of Gay Asian Couples

Dear Straight People, Being in any relationship is hard. But being in a gay relationship brings with it a whole new set of challenges unique to gay couples. Check out the following 5 struggles that most gay Asian couples need to contend with: Only making out in secluded spots!  Straight couples pretty much have the

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How Connor And Oliver Gave Me Serious Gay Relationship Goals!

Dear People, It seems like every new American TV show nowadays has a token gay couple but one couple in particular stands out to me. I’ve been hooked onto the ABC hit series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ ever since it premiered and one of my favourite things about the show is the relationship

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Top 10 Sexiest TV Actors Of 2015

Dear Gay People, In light of the upcoming 67th Primetime Emmy Awards happening on the 20th of September, I have decided to pay tribute to the small screen as well. But instead of honouring the quality of the TV shows, I have decided to honour the high quality of 10 very fine men that graced

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