8 Of The Funniest LGBT Quotes Ever Said

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Dear Gay People,

If you need a laugh or two, the following 8 LGBT related quotes should do the trick!

  1. We try out best to not be so charming but it just keeps happening!
Source: www.hippoquotes.com
Source: www.hippoquotes.com

2. Hiding in the closet does have its perks after all

dress well

3. Mystery solved!

it all makes sense now

4. Word.

Source: quotesgram.com
Source: quotesgram.com

5. This person got it right!

Source: www.someecards.com
Source: www.someecards.com

6. Truthtea burns

wanda sykes quote

7. This is why the world loves Ellen!     

ellen funny quote
Source: Buzzfeed

8. Something for yall to ponder over

sanctity of marriage

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