Watching This Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Rebecca Black!

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Dear Straight People,

Remember Rebecca Black? That infamous teen who burst onto the music scene in 2011 and tortured our ears and eyes with that ridiculously atrocious song ‘Friday’ and its equally bad music video?

If you can’t remember, this video will help you to refresh your memory

Ok sorry, you probably hate us and Rebecca Black for once again, inflicting on you that terrible terrible song.

But wait.

We can make it up to you.

In fact, not only can we make it up to you, we will even make you fall in love with Rebecca Black.

Just click on the video below and get ready to have your mind blown into a million different pieces.

Yes that’s right! Rebecca Black can actually sing!!!

So really, Dear Straight People implores you to stop hating on Rebecca Black.!

And while you’re at it, stop hating on the following things too:

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