Why Despite The Politics, The Gay Community Is Worth Fighting For

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Dear Gay People,

If you’ve ever felt like the gay community isn’t worth fighting for, trust me, you’re not the only one.

Contrary to what certain institutions want you to believe, the gay community isn’t one big happy family.  There is politics within the community and if you’re part of the gay scene, the internal strife that is prevalent within the community can be jarring to say the least:

I mean, there’s always someone gossiping about you

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And the worst thing is, the people bitching about you usually barely know you at all!

I don't know me
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Racism and discrimination are just some of the many issues that plague the community

racist asshole
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And for some inexplicable reason, gay men seem to all hate one another!

i hate everybody

So it’s not surprising that there is a growing sentiment within the gay population that given the amount of politics present within the gay community, there’s not much point fighting for the community. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard or seen a jaded gay person argue that the gay community isn’t worth fighting for since the only thing gay men all seem to do is hate on one another.

The problem with such an argument is that it only focuses on the bad. The gay community may not be perfect, but we certainly aren’t a lost cause. There’s good in the community and the fact that there are so many gay individuals who are volunteering their time and talents in advocacy roles on top of their full-time jobs is the best testament of that.

Politics isn’t something that’s exclusive to the gay community. We may be a minority, but the gay population is by no means small. To expect everyone to hold the same principles, values and mindset is unrealistic and disagreements and conflict are inevitable. Politics isn’t a gay issue, it’s a human one. And as long as there are humans, there will be politics. These two, whether we like it or not, come hand in hand and we need to recognise that to see that the politics within the gay community is a natural occurrence and not something that renders us irredeemable.

there's some good in this world.gif
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So despite all of the politics within the gay community, I sincerely believe that the gay community is still worth fighting for. And you should too.

Because if we don’t fight for ourselves, then who will?

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