Top 10 Singaporean Actors You Had A Crush On In The 90s!

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Dear Gay People,

If you’re a 90s kid like me, then chances are, you too probably spent a large part of your childhood fantasising crushing over hot TCS actors. If you have no idea what TCS means, then you’re probably too young to be reading nostalgic posts about the good old 90s and I feel sorry for you for missing out on such an awesome decade.

The 90s was a great time for deprived and closeted gay men like me. Back then, the leading men of Mediacorp actually looked like leading men whereas nowadays, they don’t even look like men much less leading men (just take a look at the 8 dukes).

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Singaporean actors that you probably had a crush on in the 90s and if you never had a crush on any of them, then you have poor taste in men and you need some professional help.

  1. Li Nanxing
Li Nanxing young

Then: Was the official King of Caldecott Hill

.Now: The unofficial King of Caldecott Hill.

Why you had a crush on him: He was like the sugar daddy that you secretly always wanted to have.

2. Chen Hanwei

chenhanwei young

Then: Achieved idol status with his floppy haired look above

Now: Achieved uncle status by perfecting the art of playing weird looking uncles.

Why you had a crush on him: Your heart melted whenever he sang 关怀方式

3. Thomas Ong

Thomas Ong
Thomas Ong’s Facebook page

Then: A-List Channel 8 actor at the peak of his career.

Now: B-List Channel 8 actor who doesn’t seem to have aged one bit.

Why you had a crush on him: It was difficult not to have a crush on Thomas Ong during the 90s.

4. Peter Yu

Peter Yu

Then: Hogged the headlines for his rocky relationship with ex-wife Quan Yifeng.

Now: Hit the headlines when the media found out he currently works as a taxi driver.

Why you had a crush on him: He was the closest thing to a white guy you could find on Channel 8.

5. Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee Yang Guo

Then: Won a ‘Best Actor’ Star Award trophy in 1997.

Now: Won a ‘Best Actor’ trophy at the 49th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan.

Why you had a crush on him: If even someone as eligible as Fann Wong could fall for him, what chance do the rest of us ordinary folk have?

6. Ix Shen

Ix Shen

Then: Struggling actor in Singapore.

Now: Struggling actor in China.

Why you had a crush on him: He had this douchebag aura which was strangely appealing.

7. Edmund Chen

Edmund Chen
Source: Edmund Chen Facebook page

Then: Known for always playing doctor or lawyer type of roles

Now: Retired from acting.

Why you had crush on him: He seemed like the kind of guy that even your homophobic parents would approve of.

8. Tay Ping Hui

Tay Ping Hui
Tay Ping Hui’s Facebook page

Then: Known for playing policeman/detective kind of roles.

Now: Still known for playing policeman/detective kind of roles.

Why you had a crush on him: He was like that straight jock in school that you could never have.

9. Terence Cao

Terence Cao

Then: Known for being the resident casanova of Caldecott hill.

Now: Made the headlines in 2012 for knocking up a Shanghainese lady he had a one night stand with.

Why you had a crush on him: If you have a thing for players, then you probably had a thing for Terence.


10. James Lye

James Lye

Then: Known for playing VR Man; the corniest TV superhero ever created in the history of local television.

Now: Retired from acting to pursue a corporate career. Currently a Cluster Head at Citibank.

Why you had a crush on him: Just look at that face, need we explain more?

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