10 Super Hot Music Videos Every Gay Man Needs To Watch Before They Die!

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Dear Gay Men,

The following 10 super hot music videos are so ridiculously hot that you’ll probably regret it for life if you don’t watch them at least once before you die!

1. ‘Sad Eyes’ by Enrique Iglesias

Why you need to watch it: Because this is arguably the hottest music video ever made in the history of music videos! Watch it and you’ll understand what we mean.

2. ‘I luh ya papi’ by Jennifer Lopez feat French Montana

Why you need to watch it: JLo decides to turn the tables by objectifying the men instead in this steamy music video much to the delight of gay men everywhere.

3. ‘Confessions Pt ll’ by Usher 

Why you need to watch it: Usher basically does a strip tease while looking incredibly vulnerable the whole time and that’s kind of appealing in a very strange way.

4. ‘Chains’ by Nick Jonas

Why you need to watch it: Because it has Nick Jonas #Nuffsaid

5. ‘Rock DJ’ by Robbie Williams

Why you need to watch it: Because everything about this music video is super hot right up until the last 90 seconds when Robbie takes his strip show a tad too far!

6. ‘SexyBack’ by Justin Timberlake

Why you need to watch it: Justin proves why he’s the sexiest man in pop with this super hot music video.

7. ‘Gotta be somebody’ by Shayne Ward

Why you need to watch it: Because Shayne Ward is pretty much topless for most of the duration of this music video and that’s reason enough for any gay guy to watch this music video.

8. ‘You’re Mine (Eternal (Remix)’ by Mariah Carey feat Trey Songz

Why you need to watch it: It’s not easy to outshine a diva like Mariah but I think it’s safe to say that all eyes were more focused on Trey’s impressive physique in this music video than on Mariah!

9. ‘Because of you’ by 98 Degrees

Why you need to watch it: Because Jeff Timmons looks like the very definition of a greek god here!

10. ‘Shake Your Bon-Bon’ by Ricky Martin

Why you need to watch it: Because Ricky Martin is absolutely bootylicious in this video clip!

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