10 Super Hot Doctors You Should Follow On Instagram


Dear People,

You’re here because you’ve a need for more eye candy on your Instagram feed so without further ado, check out the following 10 super hot doctors who have all been blessed with both beauty and brains!

1. @Doctor.Mike

Crowned by People Magazine as the sexiest doctor alive, Mikhail Varshavsky, or just Mike as he is known to his 1.5million Instagram followers is a 2nd year med resident at overlook medical center in Summit, New Jersey.

2. @drwinstonlee

Born and raised in Singapore, Dr Winston Lee is the medical director of South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic.

3. @doctor_pk

Phithakphong Petanque Klahan is an aesthetic doctor based in Thailand and judging from his Instagram persona, seems to like to take close-up selfies of his body… Not that we’re complaining!

4. @adoctorinthehouse

An ophthalmology resident at Mayo Clinic, Andrea Tooley is an avid fan of using Instagram collages!

5. @doctor.lacroix

This dermatology resident at Mcgill is also an avid fitness enthusiast, as evidenced from those big guns that he has.

6. @dr.james.nyc

This hunky doctor has the body of a greek god and if you want visual proof, just check out his Instagram feed which is peppered with topless pictures of him showcasing his amazing physique.

7. @gabrielndsprado

Garbriel Prado comes from Brazil, and seems like a pretty convincing reason why people should want to visit Brazil!

8. @drsandralee

Not only is Dr Sandra Lee a popular Instagrammer with almost 200,000 followers, she also has a huge Youtube following with over 800,000 subscribers!

9. @doctor.nonstop

A surgeon based in New York, this handsome doctor’s real name is actually David Greuner.

10. @markagasmd

Last but certainly not least, we have Mark Agas who is an ophthalmology resident at St. Luke’S Eye Institute.

P.S: If any of the above doctors featured on this article are uncomfortable with us promoting their Instagram, drop us an email at dearstraightpeople.info@gmail.com and we’ll take it down.

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  1. how about checking out Dr. Prakhar singh from india. Much better than half the doctors on this list. Instagram – starprakhar

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