NIAH Singapore: Secret Party Spot With Horse Riding, Arcade Machine And More!

Read our comprehensive guide to this massive 3,000 square feet lifestyle venue featuring amenities ranging from horse riding to an old school arcade machine!

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Dear Straight People,

Swanky hotel parties may be the in-thing now, but that’s because most party goers haven’t yet discovered this gem tucked away in an obscure corner of Turf Club.

Recently opened at the start of 2018 is ‘Needle In A Haystack’, otherwise known as N.I.A.H. They may refer to themselves simply as an event space. But that generic term doesn’t do justice to what this place actually has to offer.

Packed with amenities that will keep you occupied for hours on end, there’s no need to turn to alcohol to have a good time here. From horse riding to an old school arcade machine, here’s a comprehensive guide to this massive 3,000 square feet lifestyle venue!

1. Horse Riding & Feeding: Advanced Booking Required


Once upon a time, horse riding was a luxury reserved only for those who could afford pricey membership-based courses. Thankfully, the folks at N.I.A.H have made horse-riding an activity accessible for all regardless of SES status.

An absolute must-try, it would be criminal not to have a go at riding these majestic beasts. You’ll be accompanied by professional horse riders so you can throw any safety concerns you may have out of the window.


But if the prospect of riding a horse is too much for you to handle, opt for the milder option of feeding them instead for just $2!


If you have little ones in tow, pony riding sessions are available as well.


2. Arcade Machine With Over 600 Games


Featuring over 600 games from every genre imaginable, 90s kids will be glad to know that this arcade machine boasts classics such as Metal Slug and Street Fighter.

Best part is that you get unlimited credit so there’s no excuse for you not to be able to get back into the game. Just get your fingers ready for one hell of a workout session!

3. Three-Way Air Hockey Table

Airzone Hockey 2

Three is no longer a crowd with this 3-way air hockey table!

An amenity you won’t ever find in hotels or chalets, simply plug in the table and brace yourself for an intense 3-way battle.

4. Entertainment Consoles (Karaoke, XBox, Wii)


When I say there’s something for everyone at N.I.A.H, there really is something for everyone here.

You can sing your heart out with their karaoke machine or take advantage of the wide variety of XBox and Wii games available.


5. LAN Gaming


Accommodating up to 8 players at once, guests can look forward to whiling the afternoon away with games such as Counter Strike!

6. Card Games 


Yes, that is a casino standard table you’re looking at!

Capable of seating 9 players at once, treat your guests to card games in a fancy setting.

7. Mahjong Table


There’s no need to wait for Chinese New Year to get your mahjong fix.

Tucked away in a corner of N.I.A.H is a mahjong table complete with a full mahjong set. Just pray that Lady Luck is shining down on you!

8. Board Games (Jenga, Saboteur and more)


Offering an impressive collection of games, board game enthusiasts can look forward to getting an adrenaline rush from a game of Jenga or breaking alliances in Saboteur.

Many Many More!


It’s not often that you encounter a place which boasts so many amenities that it is impossible to cover them all. But N.I.A.H is such a place.

Here is a complete list of the indoor facilities at N.I.A.H that you can enjoy for free with your booking:

1. Pool Table (9 Feet)
2. Table-Tennis Table
3. 3-Way Air Hockey Table
4. Foosball Table
5. Arcade Machine
6. Beer Pong Tables x2
7. Basketball Hoop Machine
8. Mahjong Table
9. Poker Table
10. LAN Gaming
11. KTV
12. Wii
13. XBOX (Fifa etc)
14. Board Games (Jenga, Saboteur and more!)
15. Fridge
16. Projector (HDMI/MAC compatibility)


Outdoor Entertainment: Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts And More!


If confining yourself to an air-conditioned space all day long isn’t quite up your alley, there are a whole slew of outdoor facilities you can access just a short walk away.

There’s a swimming pool nearby for a spot of low-impact cardio as well as tennis courts you can book to play a game or two. The full list of external outdoor facilities within close proximity to N.I.A.H are as follows:

1. BBQ Pits
2. Swimming Pool
3. Spa
4. Soccer Courts
5. Horse Riding/Horse Feeding
6. Hotel for accommodation
7. Roller Blading/Biking stunt park


Note however, that all outdoor facilities are separate from N.I.A.H and you will have to pay additional charges to gain access to them.

Advanced booking is required so make sure you check first as rates differ for the various outdoor facilities.

Book N.I.A.H Before The Rest Of Singapore Finds Out!


Aptly named Needle In A Haystack, who would have guessed that a little piece of paradise would be hiding right here in Turf Club.

An ideal getaway for time-starved Singaporeans, you can fulfil all of your entertainment needs at one go at this little known party spot. Combining the best of indoor and outdoor entertainment, this next generation chalet is perfect for large group gatherings ranging from birthday bashes to company retreats.

Granted, the place is a bit out of the way. But the sheer amount of offerings more than makes up for its location.


Weekday – Flexible time slots
5 hours                                                       $780
10 hours                                                     $1080
Full Day                                                      $1580
Extension                                                    $75 per hour

Weekend – Fixed time slots
8 hours*                                                     $1380
Full Day – 2 slots                                       $2080
Extension                                                   $100 per hour

*Time slots : 9am to 5pm, or 6pm till late. Strictly no overnight events.


Additional Information


Address: 100 Turf Club Road (287992)

Nearest MRT: Sixth Avenue​


Phone: 9295 2181

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