An Open Letter From A Pro-LGBT Straight Christian Couple Against Section 377A

A straight pro-LGBT Christian couple in Singapore pen a heartwarming letter to the LGBT community in support of the repeal of Section 377A.

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Dear Straight People,

My name is Hans, and this is my wife, Mel.

We are not influencers, celebrities, pastors, or experts of the law. We aren’t very important unless you lose your specs. We are just friends of many local LGBTQ people, and we just want to encourage all our queer friends to stay strong amidst all the controversy.

You are not a political issue; you are not a hot topic to be dealt with; you are neither an agenda nor do you tear apart the moral fabric of society. Don’t believe the people who care more about their internalised stereotypes than you.

You are a beloved human being; and we believe that god created you just so that you are YOU. There is no shame in being gay, and having crushes and falling in love, hoping in return that the one will love you back. We straight people have been experiencing love all the time, and the both of us would encourage anyone to know what love is in your heart. Love is beyond gender, race, and background. Love is simply love, and we know love when we feel it.

Mel and I have lived with you all these years. You have been our friend, church mate, spiritual family. You are my musician, my counsellor, my pastor. We eat together, worship together, laugh and cry together, share our hopes and dreams together. You are my church, and you are my Jesus. You witnessed our wedding and blessed our marriage. You were there for our housewarming, and you stood by us during our dark times. You loved us without reserve and we want to do the same.

So we wish you can draw strength from us the same way you have encouraged us before. The LGBTQIA community in Singapore have the most fascinating and graceful individuals I have ever met. It is easy to lose sight of all this support in the face of faceless social pressure and cold uncaring online commentators.

For the lovely queer people that we haven’t met, let me say that I want to be your friend. We want to validate you and your feelings and struggles because you are never meant to do it alone.

Facebook friend me la! We can always chat and make a connection. Otherwise, do link us to anyone who needs encouragement. We just want to brighten your day at the very least.

True love is accepting each other just the way we are made. 🏳️‍🌈

With love,

Hanes Llewellyn and Angela Melissa

If you believe in a better, more inclusive Singapore, then please sign this petition supporting the repeal of Section 377A:

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