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Candid Convos: Married, Bisexual… And Proudly On Grindr

From explicit recaps of their sexual escapades to justification of cheating on their wives, we speak to 3 bisexual married men to find out more about their double lives.

I’m HIV-positive And It Is Time For Singapore To Update Its Laws Concerning HIV Disclosure

Calvin Tan, a person living with HIV, shares his response to the recent incident involving the 48-year old Singaporean who was jailed for not disclosing his HIV status.

I’m a Singaporean Who Went Through LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Ed in Taiwan, Here’s How It Was Like

A Singaporean who went through LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education in Taiwan shares her experience in the hopes of highlighting the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed in schools, especially in Singapore.