7 LGBT Organisations In Asia You Can Donate To

Here are some LGBT organisations in Asia doing fantastic work that you can donate to. #4 is a sanctuary for people living with HIV!

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Dear Straight People,

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting lives everywhere, and marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ+ communities are being hit hard.

There are many LGBT organisations in Asia doing fantastic work that are in need of our support.  Below are just some of the non-profit organisations you can donate to.


1. Oogachaga – Singapore’s Most Established LGBTQ+ Counselling Centre

Oogachaga DP

Oogachaga is a community-based, non-profit professional organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning & queer (LGBTQ+) individuals, couples & families in Singapore since 1999.

Your contribution will:

  • Support their counselling services for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Conduct outreach programs such as workshops, community events and support groups.
  • Maintain the professional staff and centre.

Donate: https://oogachaga.com/donate

2. The Green House – Substance Addiction Recovery Centre

The Green House

The Greenhouse is a substance addiction recovery centre in Singapore for marginalised communities.

Your contribution will:

  • Contribute to the rental for The Greenhouse’s space.
  • Be used to deliver the wide range of programmes and activities required for successful treatment.

Donate: http://bit.ly/TheGreenhouseSG

3. The T Project – Singapore’s Only Trans Shelter

The T Project

The T Project is Singapore’s first and only social service for the transgender community.

Your contribution will:

  • Maintain their shelter and their residents.
  • Provide food and other resources to the needy and elderly transgender community.

Donate: www.thetprojectsg.org/support


4. Harmony Home Foundation – Sanctuary For People Living With HIV/AIDS

Harmony Home Foundation

Founded by Nicole Yang, Harmony Home Foundation is a sanctuary that provides ‘shelter, care, treatment access and support for people living with and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Taiwan’. This non-profit organisation currently has two centers that shelters around 100 individuals.

Your contribution will:

  • Maintain their shelter and their residents.
  • Provide their residents with adequate healthcare and treatment
  • Fund their HIV prevention and education campaigns

Donate: https://www.twhhf.org/

5. Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association – Taiwan’s Oldest LGBT Organisation


Founded in 1998, Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association is Taiwan’s oldest LGBT organisation. A trailblazer in Taiwan’s LGBT rights movement, Hotline aims to educate the public through public dialogue and provide LGBTQ+ affirming resources for the community.

Your contribution will:

  • Enable Hotline to ‘advocate, educate, and engage the public to advance LGBT rights in Taiwan’.

Donate: https://hotline.org.tw/english/211


6. The Love Foundation – Anti-HIV Organisation

Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a not-for-profit anti-HIV organisation in Thailand.

Your contribution will:

  • Help them buy food for LGBT people who lost their jobs.
  • Be used to buy ARV medication for those living with HIV.
  • Be used to buy prevention supplies (PrEP, condoms etc).

Donate: www.lovefoundation.or.th/donation


7. Gay Straight Alliance Kota Kinabalu (GSAKK)

Gay Straight Alliance Kota Kinabalu logo

Based in Kota Kinabalu, GSAKK is a social platform for the local Sabahan LGBTQIA+ community. They are currently running a Queer Solidarity Fund which aims to raise RM10,000 in public donations.

Your contribution will:

  • Contribute towards the marginalised LGBTQ+ community in Sabah

Donate: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAXwAnhAKKW/

Support These LGBT Organisations In Asia

LGBT Organisations Cover

We will continue to update this list, so that it eventually becomes a comprehensive resource for people looking to support LGBT organisations in Asia.

Do let us know in the comments or drop us an email at admin@dearstraightpeople.com if there are any other non-profit LGBT organisations in Asia we should include in this list.

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Written by Sean Foo: @mrseanfoo

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