Painful Pleasures: The Secret Life Of A Gay Wax Therapist

We speak with an experienced wax therapist in Singapore to gain an insight into the secret world of Brazilian waxing with happy endings.

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Getting your nether regions waxed is not a particularly enjoyable experience. In fact, it ranks pretty high up on the pain scale.

Despite the painful aspect, there is a sensual element to waxing. The client is usually naked. Private parts are extensively handled. 

As such, it’s not uncommon for clients to get a little extra along the way.

Dear Straight People,

The erotic art of male-to-male waxing has given birth to a whole host of businesses in Singapore catering exclusively to men. 

Some position themselves as wellness clinics. Others go by grooming studios. Regardless of how they market themselves, they all tend to share a few commonalities.

They are usually situated in a decrepit building in the heart of town. The walls of their shop are generally adorned with gay baiting posters of hairless bodybuilders. And they are usually a one-man show.

It’s a niche business for a niche audience. Run by middle aged men who have largely operated in the shadows.

But after dozens of failed attempts, I’ve finally succeeded in getting a wax therapist to come out to share more about his fascinating life.

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