16 LGBTQ+People Reveal The Most Touching Thing Their Mum Has Done For Them

LGBT People from around the world reveal to us the most touching their mum has done for them. #14 is pretty sweet!

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Inspiring Mums Of LGBTQ+ Children

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Dear Straight People,

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we asked our followers on Instagram (@DearStraightPeopleIG) what was the most touching thing their mum has done for them.

Here are 16 of the most moving responses!

Standing Up For Them

1. @elo.enchanted

When she planned on hitting the priest with his bible for telling her that I need to be rehabilitated (for) being gay.

2. @leonkwan96

My lil bro posted something slightly homophobic, my mum called him to take it down.

3. Anonymous

She called my dad out for saying ‘f*ggot’ and said it offends her too.

Accepting Their Partner

4. Anonymous

After coming out to her last year, she agreed to host and meet my girlfriend from Norway for the first time this year. I was so touched because it showed how (her) efforts to accept me despite being extremely disapproving when I first told her.

5. @wakeyjoe

Welcoming my partner to the family home.

6. Anonymous

Accepting my partner into her life after I come out from the closet.

7. @valentinako

After 2 years of fighting about being lesbian, she invited my girlfriend for dinner.

8. @maitri_yang

When my mum said “Bring her during CNY, it’s ok! Dad will accept her. Remember to bring her hor.’

9. Anonymous

My mom asked my boyfriend to stay over!

10. @sanginkim987

My mum told me she will love my lover no matter what (that) person’s gender or sexuality is.

Accepting Their Child

11. Anonymous

My mom might not know but she buys masculine clothes for me and I am really grateful.

12. Anonymous

My mom said I love you unconditionally the day I came out.

13. @not_normal_niko

Buy me ‘mens’ shorts when I came out as trans to show me she supports me.

14. @captainsteve69

Joined a parents of queer kids advocacy group to better understand queer issues.

15. @vanimon

Acknowledging and accepting me without making a big deal. Just a hug & ‘Be happy‘.

16. Yuu A

My mum knows what is pinkdot, wore pink to work on that day, and also took photos with me with pinkdot mascot plushies at home after her long hours of work ❤💛💚💙💜

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