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Meet The Man Using His Own Savings To Open Up A Home For Homeless Trans Men

Dear Straight People, With mainstream media constantly painting Singapore out to be a first-world country with a world class government, you’d be forgiven for thinking that homelessness doesn’t exist in Singapore. The reality however, isn’t quite as rosy. Due to a lack of social safety nets, the trans community are particularly vulnerable to ending up on the

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Out Of The Closet: Xzavier Shao Wei Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 24-year old Singaporean Xzavier Shao Wei, or just Shao Wei as he prefers to be called. Cheerful, friendly and perpetually sporting a smile on his face… That’s how most of his friends would describe Shao Wei if you were to ask them about him. Beneath that bubbly exterior however, few would have imagined

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