10 Things Straight Women Need To Stop Doing

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 Dear Straight Women,

As much as we love you in a completely platonic sisterly kind of way, some of the things you do really get to us.

Here are 10 things straight women need to stop doing!

1. Stop referring to us as your gay friend

Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

We certainly don’t refer to you as our straight friend.

2. Don’t ever call us your gurlfriend

Source: chasohard.tumblr.com
Source: chasohard.tumblr.com

Just because we like men too doesn’t make it ok for you to refer to us as your girlfriend even if it is spelt with a ‘u’. Although it may be easy to forget, we are still dudes!

3. Stop changing in front of me

Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

Just because I won’t get aroused doesn’t mean I won’t get uncomfortable when you start stripping in front of me.

4. Stop touching me inappropriately

Source: intj-confessions.tumblr.com
Source: intj-confessions.tumblr.com

Just because I am gay doesn’t mean you should get too comfortable with me.

5. Stop telling me I’m not gay enough

Source: reddit.com

Its not my fault that I don’t enjoy shopping or love Kylie or know any Mean Girls quotes off by heart.

6. Stop trying to introduce me to your other gay friends 

Source: Tumblr

Just because your friend is gay and I am gay doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that we want to be friends with each other.

7. Don’t get annoyed when nobody pays you any attention in a gay club

Source: Tumblr

If you want attention, go to a straight club!

8. Stop telling me its a waste that I am gay

5. top 10 faces every gg makes

The only thing wasted is you on a Friday night out!

9. Stop complaining about how all the good men are gay

Source: quickmeme.com

The reason why you think there aren’t any decent straight men out there is because you keep dating assholes!

10. Stop asking us to pretend to be your boyfriend!

Source: Tumblr

Seriously, nobody is going to buy it.

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