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True Story: Homophobia Within The Medical Community

This true story from a young doctor shows that homophobia can still be found within segments of the highly esteemed medical community.


An Open Letter To Those Bent On Destroying Pink Dot

Dear you, You don’t like Pink Dot. We understand that. Nobody expects you to like something against your will. So don’t come. But you do. And you come not merely to observe, but with the intention to cause trouble. You bring your friends. You sing hymns at the perimeter of Hong Lim Park one day

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LGBTQ Singaporeans Share Their Experiences With Discrimination

Dear Straight People, If you think that the LGBTQ community in Singapore has it easy, think again. A group of Singaporeans came forward to share their experiences with discrimination using #HateHurts in a fundraising effort for Oogachaga – Singapore’s ONLY community based counselling centre for the LGBTQ community. (Note: The fundraising effort has ended) 1.

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Out Of The Closet: Patricia & Sham Share Their Story

Dear People, Meet 24-year old Patricia and 31-year old transman Sham… one of the most inspirational couples you’ll ever read about. Relationships are never easy. And every couple would have had their fair share of obstacles to contend with. But the challenges that Patricia and Sham have had to face are not your typical Elite

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An Open Letter To Singaporean Ministers Regarding The Orlando Massacre

    Dear Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thank you for your various statements on the Orlando massacre on your own Facebook pages and the Ministry’s statement. In your carefully worded statement and Facebook postings, you have avoided to state that the deadly violence took place in a gay club where most of

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Super Gay Things About Singapore To Petition Against Instead Of Adam Lambert

Dear Straight People, Now that your petition against Adam Lambert has obviously failed since Adam’s still scheduled to perform at the New Year Eve’s countdown party, here are some other super gay things about Singapore to petition against instead! 1. The colour of our IC   Frankly, I’m quite surprised no homophobes with too much

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Ok Fine, Homosexuality Is Totally A Choice!

Dear Straight People, For years and years, you lot have been preaching that homosexuality is a choice and for years and years, the gay community has vehemently denied it. Since this debate isn’t reaching a consensus anytime soon, I’m going to throw in the towel because I’m tired of arguing with you. Fine I admit

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5 Of The Most Horrifying Cures For Homosexuality Ever Used!

Dear Straight People, For years and years, you have tried to cure homosexuality and for years and years, you have failed miserably. However, judging from the many different types of treatments you lot have come up with, you definitely deserve an ‘A’ for trying. Here are 5 of the most horrifying cures for homosexuality ever

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10 Ways To Deal With Homophobic People

Dear Gay People, Check out the following 10 ways to deal with homophobic people that will upset them more than they will upset you! 1. Glare at them like they are retarded 2. Tell them to get a life 3. Piss them off by being even more fabulous than you already are 4. Tell them

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10 Homophobic Quotes From Hollywood Celebrities

 Dear People, Contrary to popular belief, not every Hollywood celebrity is a rainbow flag waving LGBT ally! There are in fact, quite a number of homophobic Hollywood stars who have made no secret of their disgust against the LGBT community. Check out the following 10 quotes from homophobic Hollywood celebrities! 1. Kirk Cameron “It’s detrimental,

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