Top 10 Sexiest Gay Male Celebrities

From the ageless Ricky Martin to dream daddi Anderson Cooper. here is our list of the top 10 sexiest openly gay male celebrities.


Dear Straight People,

Sorry to break it to you but the following 10 smoking hot men all play for the other team!

From chart topping pop stars to award winning actors. here is our list of the top 10 sexiest openly gay male celebrities.

10. Marc Jacobs

Source: @themarcjacobs via Instagram
Source: @themarcjacobs via Instagram

First up on our list is none other than one of the most powerful gay men in the world, the very influential Marc Jacobs! With his handsome mug and muscular tattooed physique, the 52-year old fashion designer is the sugar daddy every gay boy wishes he had.

9. Don Lemon


Number 9 on our list is the very handsome Don Lemon. An Emmy winning news anchor and journalist, this African-American dreamboat came out of the closet through his memoir ‘Transparent’, published in 2011. Although he is now almost 50 years old, Don Lemon still looks as sharp as ever!

8. Neil Patrick Harris


There are few things sexier than a good sense of humour and Neil Patrick Harris is certainly not lacking in that department.

Not only is Neil Patrick Harris hilarious, the man is chock full of talent. Throughout his illustrious showbiz career, Neil Patrick Harris has taken on the roles of actor, writer, comedian, producer, director, host and even singer! With so much talent and charisma, Neil Patrick Harris is our pick for the number 8 spot on this list.

7. Cheyenne Jackson

Luckily for us, this dreamy blue-eyed hunk plays for our team!

Unfortunately for us, the 39-year old American actor and singer-songwriter is already married to another lucky man. 

6. Adam Lambert


Number 6 on our list is none other than American Idol alumni Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert came out of the closet shortly after his American Idol journey ended. Since then, the Grammy nominated singer has become one of the most successful American Idol contestants with several multi-platinum albums under his belt.

5. Anderson Cooper


Making our top 5 is our dream sugar daddy; Anderson Cooper!

The silver haired fox and CNN news anchor publicly came out of the closet in 2012. Although Anderson Cooper is already almost 50-years old, his awesome physique hidden underneath the suits he is always wearing puts most guys half his age to shame.

4. Matt Bomer


Sitting pretty on the number 4 spot is Hollywood heart-throb Matt Bomer!

This 37-year old pretty boy first stole our hearts as Neal Caffrey in White Collar and later made us all hyperventilate when he slayed the stage in the blockbuster flick ‘Magic Mike’ and its sequel. Like Cheyene Jackson, Matt Bomer is also unfortunately, married.

3. Wentworth Miller


The star of Prison Break broke countless female hearts when he finally came out of the closet in 2013. With his sharp features, toned physique and those piercing hynotic eyes, the Golden Globe nominated heart-throb is our pick for the number 3 on this list!

2. Ricky Martin

Source: @ricky_martin via Instagram
Source: @ricky_martin via Instagram

After years of heavy media speculation, chart-topping Latin pop star Ricky Martin publicly acknowledged his homosexuality through a blog post on his website in 2010.

Thankfully, coming out did not do too much damage to his career. The ageless pop star is one of the most successful Latin singers in music history; a 6-time Grammy winning legend with record sales of over 70 million. He is also the proud father of 4 children.

Source: @ricky_martin via Instagram
Source: @ricky_martin via Instagram

With his perfectly symmetrical face, soothing voice and killer booty, Ricky is in our opinion, the 2nd sexiest gay man alive today!

1. Duncan James

Source: @mrduncanjames via Instagram
Source: @mrduncanjames via Instagram

Our pick for the sexiest gay male celebrity is none other than… British heart-throb Duncan James! Although he initially identified himself as bisexual in 2009, he clarified in 2013 that he was in fact, gay.


Arguably the hottest member of the highly successful British boy band ‘Blue’, Duncan James’ flawless physique and British charm makes him an easy shoo-in for the top spot on this list!

If you have any feedback on this list, sound off in the comments below!

Written by Sean Foo: @mrseanfoo

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  1. I am attracted to & love Duncan James, from the moment I saw him singing “One love”, the same also with Ricky Martin. Hey brother u should be someone who knows what I think & how my heart beats in love, Thank you.

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