10 Struggles Of Closeted Gay Men

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Dear Gay Men,

At one point or another, we’ve all been in the closet before. So regardless of whether you’re currently openly gay or still stuck in the closet, here are 10 common struggles of closeted gay men that you’ll probably be able to relate to:

1. You’re perpetually paranoid about people discovering your ‘deep dark secret’.


Like for example, my heart always skips a beat whenever my parents tell me they have something to say to me.

2. You’re more likely to fall for a straight dude since your social circle is mostly straight.

no other men like me
Source: offcolortv.com

3. You are forever single since you’re too afraid to date guys 

whats a kiss
Source: gifstumblr.com

4. You desperately want to go to a gay club but you’re too scared of running into people you know there.

making out
Source: romantically-gay.tumblr.com

5. You make an effort to distance yourself from other gay men so that people won’t associate you with being gay.

stay away from me
Source: sideshowcollectors.com

6. You have no one to gush to about your hot male eye candies

Source: goodreads.com

7. You don’t dare to like the Facebook pages of LGBT related websites even though you visit them all the time

i wanna see you be brave

8. Most guys ignore you on gay apps cos you don’t have a face pic 

faceless profile

9. You get uncomfortable whenever people around you start talking about relationship stuff

Source: gurl.com

10. You feel like you have two personalities; Your ‘straight’ persona and your ‘gay’ persona.

I'm so confused

Conclusion: Being closeted really isn’t any fun at all.

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