10 Super Hot Personal Trainers You Should Follow On Instagram

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Dear Men,

Clothes maketh the man… Or at least, that used to be the case. Being a man used to be so simple. Back then, all we had to do to up our game was to don a nice shirt and remember to zip up our pants.

But times have changed. Oh how times have changed.

That fancy shakespearean quote that you saw earlier? Yeah, that no longer holds true today. Owning an overpriced shirt from Ralph Lauren doesn’t cut it anymore.

The modern man is now not only expected to own fancy shirts.  He’s expected to fill them up in all the right places too. Which implies that men now need to…. hit the gym *Groans*.

damn i forgot to go to the gym today

Yes boys, I feel your pain. All those hours spent in the gym torturing ourselves could have been put to better use. Like spending time with bae for example.

Only problem is… if we don’t have muscles, we won’t have a bae to spend time with.

Life why you so hard

But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect fix for you. We’ve searched far and wide on Instagram to assemble 10 super hot personal trainers to give you some much needed motivation. By the end of this post, you’ll be super motivated to hit the gym and before you know it, you’ll be garnering hundreds of likes on Instagram with your topless shots.

So without further ado, check out the 10 super hot personal trainers below that you should follow on Instagram for some fitspiration!

1. @jordanyeoh

jordan yeoh 3

Jordan yeoh

2. @jeremysry

jeremy sry 2

jeremy sry

3. @scotthermanfitness

scott herman

scott herman 2

4. @tonydo_

tony do

tony do 2

5. @mitchfolkoff

mitch folkoff

mitch folkoff 2

6. @calaestheticsly

calestheic 2


7. @bennyliu_fitness

benny liu

Benny Liu 1

8. @kierancongdon



9. @o_mark_o

omark 3

O Mark10. @shimsfitness



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