10 Super Hot Men In Uniform You Should Follow On Instagram

From pilots to doctors, here are hot men in uniform you should follow on Instagram.

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Dear Straight People,

From doctors with abs of steel to oiled up firemen, here are 10 super hot men in uniform for you to lust over on Instagram!

1. @khaled_sarhan (Pilot)

Khaled Sarhan is an A380 pilot from Jordan who looks good with or without his uniform. A nutrition specialist with his own fitness business, the fact that he manages to find the time to develop abs of steel despite all of the flying that he does is completely beyond me.

2. @lukewood88 (Firefighter)

Based in Melbourne, Luke Wood is a former soldier turned firefighter whose hotness has landed him a coveted spot in the Firefighters Australian Calendar – an annual fundraising initiative that has raised thousands of dollars for hospitals around the country.

3. @bendamme (Police)

Currently working in the Singapore Police Force, 26-year old Benjamin Cheah has wanted to become a police officer since he was 4-years old!

An aspiring actor and model, Benjamin managed to score himself a role in the hit police drama series C.L.I.F 4.

4. @doctor.mike (Doctor)

Crowned by People Magazine as the sexiest doctor alive, Mikhail Varshavsky, or just Mike as he is known to his 1.5million Instagram followers is a 2nd year med resident at overlook medical center in Summit, New Jersey.

5. @navyjack (Soldier)

This American veteran served in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). He is also openly gay, and attached to the number 6 guy on this list!

6. @aclowe89 (Soldier)

Currently deployed on an overseas mission, this openly gay soldier is attached to the number 5 guy on this list!

7. @dr.james.nyc (Doctor)

30-year old Justin James is a doctor based in New York with the body of a Greek God. The only thing about him more on point than his body is his hair.

8. @pilotamireh (Pilot)

If you have a thing for pilots, then you’ll love Captain Anas’ Instagram feed, which is replete with selfies of him in his pilot uniform! Apart from piloting, he also recently launched a piloting blog.

9. @al_7jraf (Firefighter)

I have no idea what any of his Instagram captions mean but what I do know is that he looks really good in his firefighter uniform!

10. @pilotpatric (Pilot)

28-year old Patrick is a German pilot for private jets based in Barcelona and Berlin. This 1.86m tall heart-throb is also an avid fitness enthusiast who regularly blogs about fitness and travel on his blog.

Written by Sean Foo: @mrseanfoo

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1 comments on “10 Super Hot Men In Uniform You Should Follow On Instagram”

  1. Un métier passionant.
    Si vous êtes en couple, la solitude s’invite pour l’un des deux.
    Et célibataire, on pense avoir toute la vie devant soi, tellement on se sent libre.
    Toutefois, du couraaage à tous.
    Chacun choisit sa stabilité à sa manière.

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