Confession: I Leaked My Boyfriend’s Nudes Because He Cheated On Me


Dear Gay People,

I have a confession: I leaked my boyfriend’s nudes because he cheated on me.

A friend once told me that all gay men cheat. I told that friend to f*** off. You see, I absolutely abhor cheaters. I’ve had 2 ex-boyfriends before. Both relationships ended because both of them couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants.

For me, infidelity is an absolute deal breaker. It’s an act that does not deserve forgiveness under any circumstances. I always roll my eyes whenever a cheater tells me they only made one mistake.

To me, cheating doesn’t constitute just one mistake. Cheating itself is a series of mistakes: Flirting with someone else is a mistake. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position is a mistake. Taking your clothes off is a mistake. Kissing someone else is a mistake. F**king someone else is a mistake. I could go on and on but you get my drift. Cheating is not just one mistake. It’s an act that comprises of many mistakes which is why I find it so unforgivable.

So when my two ex-boyfriends confessed to me that they cheated, I told them both to f**k off.


Despite the fact that I was cheated on twice before, I still believed in true monogamous love. True monogamous love as in like, nobody cheats on one another. Somewhere out there is a man who can keep his hormones in check. And I thought I found that man when I met *Jason.

Like both of my previous boyfriends, I met Jason online. We clicked instantly and started dating soon after. Jason was different from all the men I’ve dated before. He was driven, focused and knew exactly what he wanted. But what really set him apart was that he had real character. He knew exactly who he was and had a clear moral compass. When we got together, I thought I finally found my Prince Charming.

Our relationship was as smooth as a gay relationship could be. We never ran out of things to talk about. Our sex life was awesome. My friends loved him. His friends loved me. Whatever quarrels we had were minor and forgettable. Basically, there were no issues in our relationship.

So when I found out that Jason cheated on me, it was a huge shock to me.


I found out about Jason’s infidelity because a mutual friend of ours *Kevin alerted me to it. At first, I refused to believe it. Kevin told me he saw Jason kissing and leaving with another guy after a night out at the gay clubs. I don’t like to drink so I don’t normally accompany Jason whenever he goes out partying. I convinced myself it was a misunderstanding. But still, I had to ask Jason about it.

I confronted Jason about the allegation during a dinner date. At first, he denied it vehemently. He was furious at the accusation and demanded to know who was the one spreading malicious lies about him. His acting was so convincing I believed him.

But then a few days later, he confessed to me that he did indeed cheat on me. He said it was a drunken mistake and that he had been consumed by guilt over it. He asked me for forgiveness. But I couldn’t find it in me to forgive him.


Breaking up with Jason really broke me. Unlike my previous boyfriends, I actually saw a future with Jason. I saw us growing old together. Moving in together. Living happily ever after together. Ending my relationship with Jason was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do.

At first, I was miserable over his infidelity. But then, I started to get angry. I hated Jason for cheating on me. I hated him for betraying our relationship. I hated him for destroying our future together. I wanted him to pay. So I decided to submit some of his nudes to a few dodgy Tumblr sites for revenge.

It was the perfect revenge plan. He would never know it was me because the nudes I submitted were the ones he sent to multiple parties back when he was still single. They were the same nudes he sent to me when we weren’t dating exclusively yet. So I know for sure that I wasn’t the only person who received those nudes.


Up till today, Jason hasn’t made any public reference to the leak. But he doesn’t have to. Knowing him, he would definitely be devastated over the leak. He has always been very conscious about how other people saw him. You can tell just by looking at his carefully curated Instagram profile.

There are days when I feel that Jason deserves the leak. But there are also days when I feel guilty over it.

Did I go too far in my act of revenge?


*Names have been changed.

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7 comments on “Confession: I Leaked My Boyfriend’s Nudes Because He Cheated On Me”

  1. If its happened three times, it sounds like none of the partners seemed fully satisfied, or there were things that didnt get raised that should have.

    Sharing nudes is fucked up, especially if they confessed honestly in the end. Ruining someone by leaks is even more fucked up than cheating– you had a chance to act mature, and you acted even worse. If your relationships are lacking that much trust and communication, where you’re willing to ruin someone’s life permanently, you need to seriously rethink your expexctations for a mature relationship.

    1. In life we always experience someone doing us wrong, or r doing wrong to others. So when you wrong others, are you prepared for such an extreme measure of a lifelong revenge exacted against you? Do learn to communicate and forgive so as to let yourself go. Unforgiveness can eat into you

  2. People make mistakes – if there was as you said true love, then what would the harm have been of giving him another chance? Revenge is never the answer, “when they go low – we go high.”

  3. Well, all your 3 ex bf definitely don’t deserve you..seriously I mean who deserves a revengeful bf who aim in life is for others to please him and make him happy?

    3 times? In science if the same substance causes the same reaction to different substances, it’s that substance.

    Look this is not to say one cannot find monogamous relationship, it’s just where you find them and the type of people you are attracted to and how you maturely deal with your own emotions and relationship.

  4. Being hard on someone’s past mistake which they have admitted and apologized for, is just relentless, to them, also to yourself. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive them one day, because everyone deserves a second chance.

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