3 Former Chemsex Addicts Share Their Advice On Overcoming Drug Addiction

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Dear Straight People,

After watching our recent video that shone the spotlight on chemsex addiction in Asia, a group of former chemsex addicts have very gamely stepped forward to share with us some useful advice on overcoming drug addiction.

Linus, 36

For those who have never taken a drug in their lives, my advice is simply not to. Meth in particular, is something everyone should avoid at all costs. The softer drugs also truly are an entry point/gateway to the harder stuff eventually, so best not to open windows that lead to doors we can’t close.

Everyone, straight or gay, is running away from something in their lives, and there’s always a part of ourselves we don’t want to face that shows itself up in many ways – drug addiction is simply one of them.

Maybe it’s simpler to stop and just take stock of our lives; maybe like me you might find that there really isn’t anything that terrible that we have to run from, despite what others may think or say about us, and that our task is simply to live the unconditional love and acceptance that was sometimes denied us, starting with ourselves, then working our way out.

The journey of recovery may seem daunting but we’re hardly alone in this. It begins with the simple step of reaching out for help, of attending a meeting or speaking to someone else already in recovery. And our fear of being recognised or being judged when coming forward are mostly unfounded – nobody really cares who we are or what we do, only about how we’re doing and how we can help each other find what we’re seeking.

Recovery is not only possible, but life after recovery is deeply satisfying in surprising ways, maybe precisely because it’s something we appreciate, something we’ve had to work hard for when others don’t.

Joshua, 28

What I will say is this: Recovery is possible.

Recovery from drug use is possible, and yes, we can return to having sex in a healthy way after some time. Trust me, because that trust was all I had to run with when I started this process of recovery, and has been a big part of staying clean.

Mark, 40

For those who aren’t at the point where they’re willing to contemplate anything different, I hope you remember that help is available when the time comes that you finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

For those currently struggling to stay clean, know that there are people who have been through the same kinds of experiences and who have come out the other side. They are there, willing to walk with you and, if you become willing, to take you through the same process of recovery that they themselves experienced.

Where You Can Seek Help At – Lifeline

For those of you currently struggling with drug addiction or know someone who is, one avenue you can turn to for help is Lifeline – a non-religious support group for gay men who are recovering or looking to recover from drug addiction.
It is not a program of recovery by itself, but rather it serves as a bridge and an introduction to the options available. There are no professional counsellors in the program, and your identities are completely confidential. Their primary purpose is to be a safe space and offer support for each other by journeying together; through the sharing of their experience, strength and hope with one another. 
Each cycle lasts for 8 weeks and they meet every Saturday, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The program is completely free of charge, but donations to help cover their costs are welcome as well.
Some of the topics they will be covering include:
Defining Addiction
12-Step Programs
SMART System
De-coupling Sex and Using
Personal Stories
Their next cycle commences on 8 July 2017 and if you would like to be a part of this program or know anyone who will benefit from this, please send an email to lifeline.recovery.sg@gmail.com to reserve your spot. 

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