9 LGBTQ Singaporeans Share Their Hopes For Singapore

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Dear Straight People,

We got the talents featured in our recent viral LGBT National Day cover of ‘Home’ to share with us what their hopes for Singapore are.

Here is what they said:

1. NORIStar


”I hope that Singaporeans stand tall, be bold and spread the love with one another.”

2. Alexander Teh


“My wish for Singapore is for her LGBTQIA+ citizens to one day be able to proudly recite the part of the pledge that says, “based on justice and equality.”

3. Faliqh


‘I wish that we will see more Malay representatives as models for the queer community.”

4. Otto Fong


“My wish for Singapore is that the young generation be fearless.”

5. Bi Ling

Bi Ling

“I hope that Singapore will be more open, accepting, inclusive, and caring for all LGBTQ+ persons.”

6. Sham


“My wish would be that we (lgbt) community will have our equal rights as everyone. Let us love and live as happy as everyone.”

7. Miko Suhartono


“I wish that gay men and women can excel in their profession, whether it may be politics or education, as civil servant or not, that we may be a guiding beacon of hope, strength and love for our people and the world, now and always.”

8. Dr Khoo Hoon Eng

Dr. Khoo

“My wish is for families of LGBT Singaporeans to continue to love all their LGBT children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.”

9. Lewis Loh

Lew Loh

“Acceptance and the open mindedness to learn about what you don’t understand, is what will truly bring the people of Singapore closer together.”


Once again, Dear Straight People would like to thank everyone above for participating in our National Day shoot.

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