Faliqh & Kaal: Openly Gay Malay Couple Accepted By Their Family [Same Love]

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Dear Straight People,

I’m a jaded person. And one of the biggest things I’m skeptical towards is love, the result of firstly, my parents’ hostile relationship, and secondly, the proliferation of infidelity in the gay community.

I may be bitter, but this doesn’t stop me from going aww when faced with a manifestation of true love™, taking the form of Faliqh and Kaal, who have been in a relationship for 7 years and counting. Duration aside, what makes Faliqh and Kaal’s story truly extraordinary is that they have been blessed with love and support from their family, particularly from Kaal’s mum. While it’s uncommon for us LGBT folk to receive our families’ support, it’s practically unheard of for our Malay friends.


This couple isn’t subjected to the pain that is so common to their community. Kaal’s family is surprisingly open-minded, never imposing “ideal moulds” on each other. Having to single-handedly support her bedridden husband and children, Kaal’s mother gave her kids much leeway, only insisting that they are responsible in all that they do.

Evidently, this applies to their sexuality too. In closing, I present to you the story of Faliqh and Kaal’s love.


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Written by Kelvin Eng: @PeddlerOfFrowns

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