NTUC Income Ad Features Interracial Lesbian Couple In A Positive Light

NTUC Income’s latest ad features an interracial lesbian couple in a positive light!

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Dear Straight People,

On 20 April, NTUC Income published an ad on its Facebook page featuring a diverse cast, including an interracial lesbian couple rolling an inflatable pineapple into their new home.

This is then followed by a shot of the lesbian couple running into their new home, where they can be seen excitedly discussing plans for their new home in Pandan Valley.

The two minute long music video is called ‘Made For The Moments That Matter’, and it looks like it was shot in one continuous take.

The heartwarming video has already notched up over 800,000 views, and the purpose of the ad seems to be to promote NTUC Income’s financial planning services.

You can watch the full music video here:

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Written by Sean Foo: @mrseanfoo

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